Kaboy Kamakili Is Gearing Up For His Upcoming Album

He is set to drop a new single this Friday

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The much-anticipated album of Kaboy Kamakili, seems to be done and dusted, and all eyes are set on the launch now.

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The musician has announced that he will release a new single this Friday in anticipation of his album's release. Kaboy is also preparing for his album tour which is set to take place on Saturday at Kanini Bar.

The album is titled Teacher Boy and his fans are already at the edge of their seats for its release. A lot of musicians have been releasing fresh music recently and we love their new releases.

Kaboy and Tulisan recently released another hit song to great reviews from fans. The pair collaborated on Embale Dhihaka, the song already has more than 50 000 views on YouTube.

Another musician who is set to drop his album is Exit Rockaz. The musician recently decided to shake the timeline with a picture of him holding a woman's asset.

It has become a tradition with rappers lately who are trying to push their new music to post pictures that will set tongues wagging and create hype. Exit was probably doing this to gain traction as he gets ready to drop his new album Forever. The album will be released on 30 November 2020.

Kaboy recently hogged the headlines after he came out with guns blazing to set the record straight on his interview with New Era.

This follows after the publication published an article where he was quoted lambasting King Tee Dee for allegedly neglecting his work and stealing his shows.

The artist who is signed under Mshasho record label which belongs to King Tee Dee, allegedly told the paper that things turned sour between them as King Tee Dee did not support his work. 

’I thought he would be doing everything for me, including monetary support for the albums and groom me as an upcoming artist, but I haven’t spoken to him in a long time,’’ quoted by New Era.

Kamali was further quoted saying he stopped giving King Tee Dee money from his shows because, he would steal his shows and put himself on the list when they contact King Tee Dee to book him.

   ‘’When I found out about that, I also stopped giving him the 40% of the money I get at shows, which caused a lot of tension between us,’ quoted Kaboy.
Kaboy slam a journalist of the publication for misquoting him and maintained that he did not accuse King Tee Dee of neglecting his work.

"I was contacted by a journalist asking questions about my career. I told them about the help I got from Mshasho to record and publish my album. They went and used their own words in the newspaper. I did not accuse Mshasho or King Tee Dee of neglecting my work. I have gotten support and learned about the music business from Mshasho and we are still working according to our contract. I do not know where the stories are coming from. Please do not believe everything you read." he said.
Proving that he did not care much about the story King Tee Dee wished him a happy on Twitter on his birthday and wrote "Happy birthday to the young greatest Kaboy Kamakili. All the best for you my Lil brother".

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