Jericho's Net Worth, Music Career, And Legal Issues

He's back!

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A few years ago, Jericho Jerome Gawanab was considered one of the biggest hip-hop artists in Namibia.

From having a rough childhood, discovering his musical talent, and growing to be the best hip-hop artist in Namibia to losing himself and finding himself again- Jericho is like a phoenix. 

Here is a look at Jericho’s net worth, his musical career, his legal issues and his current projects. He really is a gift to Namibia’s music industry.

What is Jericho’s net worth?

The exact value of Jericho’s net worth has not been provided although, at the peak of his career, several sources estimated his net worth to be between $ 1 million and $1.5 million.

Jericho’s music career

Jericho, source: Facebook

Jericho’s net worth has been majorly built through his successful career as a hip-hop artist

Jericho was born in 1980 in Katutura township where he was raised by a single mother. The streets were harsh and it wasn’t long before he got in trouble. When he was 18 years old Jericho got imprisoned for five years.

After getting out of jail in 2004, Jericho officially launched his career as a hip-hop artist and after establishing his label record Ghetto Child in 2006, he released his debut album Check Who’s Back which was a reintroduction of himself after his time in prison. The album was well-received and it helped put Jericho’s name out there.

In 2007, Jericho released his second album Lights Out. His second album like the first also received positive reviews and it further solidified his name as a hip-hop artist worth checking out.

Having done so well in his first and second albums, critics expected  Jericho’s subsequent album to be terrible but to their surprise, his third album Street fame was even bigger than his initial projects. In 2011, he bagged three awards at the Namibian Music Awards (NAMA) including a Best Male Artist award, becoming the first hip hop artist in Namibia to ever win the award.

In 2014, Jericho released his fourth album Let Me Be Me which featured some big local artists including Sally Boss Madam, Lil D, Sunny Boy, and King Tee Dee (formerly The Dogg). It also featured South African artists Cassper Nyovest and the late Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP).

Jericho’s The Wall of Jericho album was released in 2016. This album which featured Sunny Boy and Exit was received with mixed reactions.

Jericho’s gospel music career

Jericho, source: facebook

After battling depression for a long time, Jericho decided to turn his life around and become a born-again Christian.

After years of taking a break from the music industry, Jericho made a comeback in 2020, with his album The Recovery featuring artists like Adora Kisting. Like his first albums, The Recovery received lots of positive reviews.

Jericho’s legal issues

In early 2020 Jericho was accused of robbing a Namibian Defence Force soldier in Karibib town. At the time, Jericho denied all allegations and in July 2021, he took to social media to announce that all the court charges against him had been dropped.

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