"I Got Tired Of Fighting"

Jayden on almost giving up music

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Musician Jayden Mbinda opened up about almost calling it quits. The music industry is no child's play and we have seen how artists speak on their mental health and how they get affected by negativity. 
Jayden is now focused on the music and delivering for his fans that anything other than music does not get his attention. 
Sharing some new images from a photo shoot he did with Lee-roy Here, Jayden accompanied that with a message speaking about how he almost gave everything up. 
"I was about to give up on this journey I got tired of fighting, I got exhausted, I got tired of being used, being misunderstood being disrespected," he shared. 
Jayden said a little prayer to God helped him get back on track, "I spoke to God and he replied "You're meant for this I designed you for this I already made you stronger now go and finish what you've started. "
The muso agrees that the right words are just about enough to get a person feeling themselves again, "LIFE IS WONDERFUL WHEN YOU HEAR THE RIGHT WORDS TO COMPLETE YOU."

Jayden collaborated with Adora for a song called About Time. And he also released his song with Lioness called Don't Look For Me. 
2 months ago he released his highly anticipated single Matere. He Apologised for having delayed. 
"Hi fam. My new single Matere is officially out. produced by I am Kallo and available on all platforms. Let's heal your mind with good music." 
From that tweet, he revealed that he would be working on new music to come in the future. 
"never be afraid to start all over again definitely this time you won't be starting from scratch. You'll be starting from experience. I am dropping new music soon."
Jayden even encouraged people to let go of jealousy and clap for other people who are wining. 
" I love it when everybody wins that's the kind of man I am and that's the kinds son my mom raised. Lemme tell you today jealousy and pride are one of the most dangerous diseases in life today so get rid of it now and be happy for everyone." 
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