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These fathers deserve all the praise

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The world is currently celebrating the hardworking, present and active fathers for Fathers Day 2022. We take a look at some of the sweet posts from Namibia's very own celebrity fathers who are killing it in fatherhood.

Image credit: Nelaolange Remembers Her Late Father

From young fathers, to those who are in happy marriages with their multiple kids, to the late fathers and those hustling for their offspring, Fathers Day saw these men being celebrated.

Jayden Mbinda

Jayden paid homage to all the fathers in the world and himself included. He crowned himself and these men great leaders to their children.

"Happy Father's day to me and all the amazing Fathers in the world we're indeed blessed to be great Leaders," he wrote on Instagram.

Sunny Boy

Nelaolange celebrates her husband and baby daddy with a sweet message saying Sunny Boy taught her how to be a good mother to their children.

"You are the first person I think of when I have questions about anything or when I need support and good advice. Over the years, you’ve taught me so many of the important things I know today - including being a good mother.

"Blessed are the ones who have a father and fortunate are my children who have you as theirs. I have no words to thank you for being the most loving, most supportive and most affectionate father. Happy Father’s Day my love."

This special day comes a day after Sunny Boy buried his late aunt Tuha. He penned a lengthy note on her burial day and said he has lost a lot of close people to him.

"I’ve lost so many people dear to me in such a short period of time. I don’t even cry anymore. Why stress over something you have no control over. The only way now is to live a fulfilling life so that when that time comes, you have lived and you have done at least half of what you have planned to do as you grow.. The preacher said, make sure that you have gotten yourself and house in order above everything."

DJ Spuzza is also a father to a baby girl and he recently expressed gratitude to God for the amazing gift.

Spuzza once penned a note on fatherhood and how he appreciates being a father to a baby girl.

"Only a father can teach his daughter to value herself. He has to tell her constantly how precious she is to him. I sometimes find it funny how I always ask her mother “waar is die kroon” when she wants to take pictures of us.

"But this morning looking at these pictures made me realize I’m actually showing this Child how she should carry herself in the near future every time I put this crown on her head! Even with no understanding of life at this little age of hers one day these pictures might mean something to her!"

Chelsi Shikongo also has a few words to say to her father

Cota Mushe

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