Jackson Wahengo Biography: Age, Album, Children, Music

Get to know Namibian Reggae and Shambo artist, Jackson Wahengo.

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The Namibian star, Jackson ‘Mbwayakalola’ Wahengo, is loved for his unique sound and is one of the best guitar players in Africa.

Jackson is no stranger to local and international stages. 

His music goes beyond the Namibian borders but is enjoyed by people in South Africa and other parts of the world. He has shared the stage with legendary jazz artists and was inspired by the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi.
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Jackson is not only a solo artist but has played with numerous bands in Namibia and South Africa.

He has also performed in London alongside other great Namibian musicians.
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Although his upbringing was filled with pain, Jackson managed to turn his life around and follow his dream of becoming a star. 

Here is what you need to know about him…

Jackson Wahengo Age

Jackson was born in 1978. He is 41 years old and was born in Zambia. 

He spent his childhood in exile between Angola and Congo (Brazzaville).

Growing up in exile meant that he was separated from his mom from a young age. 

"As soon as you are born, your mother and father are sent on missions. So the kids belong to the party.  So, you are shipped somewhere else," he told BBC.

 “I don't remember seeing my mother at all when I was a kid,” the star added. 

He says he only remembers seeing her when he was around 9 or 10 years old. 

“Later when I was 10, I was moved to congo-brazzaville because my mother was a librarian,” Jackson told BBC.
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He couldn’t see his dad on the other hand because he says he was “running around fighting”. 

But, all these childhood struggles didn’t stop Jackson from discovering his dreams and becoming a star. 

 He moved to Namibia in 1989 and stayed in a village called Okalongo. 

In the village, he stayed with ten other kids in the house. It was here where his love for playing the guitar developed. He and his brother started playing the guitar. At the time, he was 13 years old.

Jackson Wahengo Music

For Jackson Wahengo, music started at a very young age while growing up in exile.

He says he used to sing freedom songs his country in the refugee camps of Angola. 

“I started as a singer in church choirs as I was born in exile. Since I was a kid we had to sing revolutionary songs and I set up my little choir. After singing my guitar followed and I did Bob Marley songs. In 1994-1997 we used to walk around with my guitar. My brother Setson formed a band and my brother Tulonga followed,” he told The Villager. 
 After learning how to play musical instruments and finding his music style, he would perform on the streets and take a hat where people put money in by the street corner. 

He then joined the groups, Setson and The Mighty Dreads, and played guitar for them. 

After completing high school in 1997, he went on to study jazz at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. 
 “I went back to college, of course I would still play with my brothers here and there. I then went to Cape Town where I focused on learning more about jazz,” he told The Namibian. 

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Jackson Wahengo Album

In 2019, Jackson returned to the studio after taking a break for many years.

He recorded the song Tulonga. The song was recorded by Thomas Vang at the Village studio, Copenhagen Danemark.

It is an Oshiwambo song and talks about life in refugee camps.
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Jackson has one album. The debut album was released in 2012. It is called Akutu Hewa and has 14 tracks. 

 Songs on the album include: Mkwamalanga, Kalomoh, Ndali, Mbono, Kiundu, Jingola, Abisai, Ndi Ku Hole, Oudano, Keenyiki, Akutu Hewa, Vakwashiwana, Eehamba and Efimbo.

He launched the album at the Playhouse Theatre in Windhoek in 2014. 

The album features the talented Senegalese songbird Farmara Mballo.

His music is a blend of jazz, zouk, folk and reggae and he sings in Oshiwambo. 

After releasing his album, the musician has been concentrating on working with other musicians.  

He has also worked with musicians - Tayo Kasinda, Kali and Piu.  

Jackson Wahengo Wife

Jackson is married to the beautiful Julia Wahengo. The two have been together for over a decade and have kids.
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Jackson Wahengo Children

Jackson is a proud father. He loves to post pictures of him and his children.
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His children take after him and love playing the guitar. 

After having his first child, Jackson and his family moved to Switzerland. This happened in 2008.
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Jackson is proud of his daughter, whom he says outshines them all. 

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 The young girl also loves to sing and has a beautiful voice.

The younger one loves to play the piano and enjoys playing with his dad playing the guitar.
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Jackson not only has fun with his children by playing music, but they also love playing chess.
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