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Jericho and Lady May Africa join Gospel United

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Pause for a minute and just imagine a track with Jericho, Lady May Africa, Maranatha and Dnaff, not to mention Lady Dyna and Effy! Well imagine no more because it has happened and angels are about to have a party of their own with this jam.

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Last year in June, the Gods and Goddesses’ of the Namibian gospel industry got together and formed the Nam Gospel United band. With the purpose of the name which is to maintain and keep peace among artists, the group took off on a high note.

Today their debut hit track We Pray has over 40 000 views on YouTube Namibian Sun described the song as one that transcends genres, includes effortless vocals as well as rap appearances, and will appeal to both young and old. The group features Lady Dyna, Dnaff, Alex Shiwayu, Effy, Franklin and Dee, Levite, and Tony the Poet just to mention a few. This week the group announce d that they have finished working on their second single and that they have new members, being Lady May Africa and Jericho.

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This is super exciting as we have barely seen much of Lady May Africa in her gospel element since she devoted her life to Christ. Yes, for those who didn’t know, the Bubblegum singer is born again signed under Dnaff Entertainment. In an interview with the New Era newspaper, the songstress announced that her debut gospel album is out of the oven and is ready to be served to the masses.  Her manager Dnaff confidently said the album will be the hottest ever heard in the local and international gospel community. 

The Nam Gospel United new single is a cover of Bethel Music’s No Longer Slave. The sweetness comes from the fact that they twisted it and added that Nam flavor. Not only does it have hip hop elements, but it is also in various Namibian languages. The song is produced by Glo and is mastered in Kenya by Ogopa Inc.

The gospel guys are really coming through. As if that’s not a lot already, the video that is shot by Desert Films is rumoured to premier Hollywood style at a one of the cinema's end of this month. Blow us away guys! We are ready to receive.

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