Is Exit Really Tying The Knot?

Wedding bells are around the corner

By  | Oct 23, 2021, 02:19 PM  | Top of The

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Exit truly loves to be the center of attention. He stirred the pot on his Twitter by tweeting that he could be getting married soon. Fans were surprised as they didn't even know Exit was dating in the first place. They were left wondering whether this could be true or whether it was just another one of his calls for attention.
The last time people pushed Exit to reveal the status of his relationship he responded saying that his next relationship would be super private and no one would know about it until the wedding. So could this be it? The long awaited wedding?

People were left wondering again whether the bride in question could be Top Cheri as she too tweeted that she was calling the groom at the wee hours of the night looking for directions to attend this supposed wedding. These two have teased the public time and time again with rumors of their supposed relationship and we can't help but wonder if there's something more than what they are letting on.
The last time Tweeps questioned Top Cheri about her relationship with Exit, she was quick to dispel the rumors claiming that the two were simply just friends.

 The rumors had started as a result of the close connection and chemistry between the two artists. They have worked on a number of songs together some of which being yaBollova and Kondjifa that were total hits. There is also one time that Exit was caught on camera holding a woman's bum and people suspected the lady to be none other than Top Cheri. Till today it is not clear who the lady in the picture could be.

Exit then continued to tease his fans by asking them not to judge him from driving a bakkie. He said the reason he is now driving a bakkie is because he had to pay the high expenses of a wedding and would therefore need to cut down on other costs. This raised even more eyebrows as people wondered whether the famous controversial star could actually be getting married.

Today morning Exit finally revealed that it was all a joke. Haha we honestly love the drama that Exit is always causing online. He shared a video of him attending a traditional wedding which is the one that he was probably referring to the whole time. In the video we see traditional dancers dancing around the bride and groom and celebrating their union. The bride and groom are dressed in modern attire and the beautiful bride graced the occasion with a beautiful white gown. It is still unclear who the two love birds are but one thing is for sure, it is not Exit getting married. He managed to trick us again and cause quite a stir online.
Whatever the case we hope that Exit truly finds love and happiness in his next relationship. The dramatic star always finds a way to entertain us online and we love him for that. Next week he mentioned that he'll be dropping a new music video so maybe this was just a way to build clout for then. 
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