Inside Scoop of Maria Nepembe's US vacation!

What she got upto in NYC and Austin, TX

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Maria  Nepembe recently took a trip to the United States of America and was kind enough to vlog her whole experience for us on her YouTube channel. During her vacation, Maria visited both New York City and Austin, Texas. 

In New York, she linked up with and stayed with her friend Abby. Abby kicked off their trip by arriving late to pick up Maria from the airport but soon made it up to her by taking her to some of the best spots that NYC has to offer. The two girlfriends went to eat and do some shopping at the American Dream Mall. Here, they also got to visit an aquarium, Sea Life. Abby then took her to The Edge, which is a rooftop tourist attraction that boasts magnificent views of the New York City skyline. It was funny to watch the two girlfriends get lost in the hectic New York City subway, eventually calling an Uber to pick them up. We can’t imagine what that must have felt like, getting lost in the NYC train subway. At least Maria had her friend with her to guide her through the maze. Exploring a new city, especially one as busy as New York, is always so exciting and Maria really succeeded in bringing her subscribers along the journey with her. They also got to see the Hudson River and it’s safe to say that Maria had an amazing experience exploring The Big Apple with her girlfriend, Abby.

Maria then left NYC and flew down to Austin, Texas to visit her best friend Bonny Bassey. Bonny is a famous TV actor, who rose to fame during his time as one of the housemates in Big Brother Africa Season 8, 2013. Maria and Bassey met during the show where they were both cast as housemates. Bassey represented Sierra Leone while Maria represented Namibia during the show. They have been friends ever since. The social media streets love this friendship duo and are always questioning them if there’s anything more to their friendship. Maria Nepembe featured Bonny Bassey on her YouTube channel in a friendship tag video during her trip to Austin where they answered questions from their followers. The two friends revealed that they are just that, friends and informed their fans that they are both in committed relationships. They also revealed that they became closer after the Big Brother Africa show. Maria was working in Accra, Ghana for a while and Bassey went to visit her and ended up getting a job in Accra and moving in with her for more than a year. These two social media favorites seem to have a really beautiful and genuine friendship which we can’t get enough of. Maria even tears up during the video after Bassey shares what he loves the most about her.

During her time in Texas, Maria spends her time driving around with her best friend Bassey in his new Tesla, playing with Bassey's dog Duke, going to the gym and keeping all those healthy and fitness goals. They also reveal that Bassey has a new fitness fashion line coming up really soon. Maria is one of the first people to sample it during her time in Texas with him. 

These two are definitely friendship goals and we’re so glad to see Maria Nepembe had an awesome vacation in the United States of America.

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