"I Will Carry Namibia's Flag With Pride And Humility"

Miss World Namibia promises to feed the hungry Namibian child

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Miss World Namibia, Leoné Renate van Jaarsveld speaks on her goals and missions as the current holder of the prestigious title. The beauty queen's focus is on the children of Namibia. Especially those who are under privileged.

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Renate took to Instagram to share her new initiative,  LR Youth Support, a Non-Profit Organisation aimed at bettering the lives of the youth.

β€œAs @missworldnamibia 2023, I will carry Namibia's flag with pride and humility, as I use this platform to support underprivileged children in Namibia," she said.

"I believe that the children of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Every child deserves the basic necessities, and that’s why I have established @lr_youth_support," she continued. 

Renate says she is a proud Namibian who is equally proud of all that the country has achieved. 

"With my platform, I will bring visibility and recognition to national non-profit organizations with my intent to empower founding supporters of such causes of goodwill to keep up excellent work and to attract attention of prospective sponsors and bring unification within my Community. My aim as the founder of @lr_youth_support is to narrow the gap between the haves and the have nots.

"As any Namibian, I adore my country and everything we have to offer the World. Our passion, our diverse and unique cultures, our dynamic and vast landscapes along with our incredible wildlife. I am immensely proud to stand tall on the international stage for our Namibian people” β€” @missworldnamibia 2023, @leone_renate," she concluded. 

Miss Namibia 2022 

Miss Namibia 2022, 21-year-old Cassia Sharpley took the title of being the Queen of Namibia in 2022 at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino. LeonΓ© Van Jaarsveld from  Swakopmund became the second runner up and coming in third was 23-year-old Diana Andimba. 

"Yesterday Morning I woke up a Finalist for @missnamibia . This morning I woke up as Miss Namibia 2022. I have no words to express my gratitude towards every single person that has stood by my side during this journey. Many who follow me know the journey was not easy but indeed it is evident that it was worth it. Namibia! This is our year. I will make us proud. God bless you!

"Extremely surreal but this is my new reality and I am eternally blessed! Thank you so much @nbcnamibia for having @zoe_karsten and I on good morning Namibia! Thank you to @kosmos94.1 for having us as well! I really played the roll of big sister today! Picking up and dropping off my little sister at school , conquering the world one interview at a time!"

Cassia is also a paramedic by profession, "To be a paramedic is to be a haven of hope for a human life. We are forced into traumatic situations where we have to perform advanced clinical skills under tremendous pressure. EMC groomed me for Miss Namibia as well and I am forever proud and grateful for my EMC family!" 

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