Government, Namibian Men - What Next For Lioness?

When she roars, everyone listens

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Lioness is a super-stylish doctor who has managed to maintain her position as the country's top female rapper.

La-Toya Mwoombola, better known as Lioness, manages to handle her music and her profession as a doctor with ease, owing to the fact that she releases new music on a regular basis.

It's her birthday today and we take you through some of her highlights from the previous year.

Lioness Dumps Her Previous management

Lioness, a rapper and medical doctor, has started a new chapter in her career after parting ways with her old management.

Despite the fact that she did not say why they broke up, it appears there is more to it than meets the eye. The rapper went on a rant, criticizing people who had previously worked with her. She claims that some have fooled her, misappropriated her finances, or made her a fool, and she has had enough.

She appears to desire to flourish as a brand, as she stated that she has goals that others are unable to achieve.

"People can't keep up with my ambitions." Too many of my past employees either lied, misappropriated my funds, or tried to fool me."

Lioness Rants At Telecom Namibia

Telecom Namibia's poor service performance ruffled Lioness' feathers. The rapper slammed the firm on Twitter, and she was literally foaming at the mouth.

They were chastised by Lioness for not returning her calls and being nasty. "Sorry, but @TelecomNamibia is the absolute bottom of the barrel when it comes to customer service!!!! No one ever answers the phone, and if they do, they are rude and hang up! (I have receipts) but you will hear me today, "she sent out a tweet

The telecommunications firm responded to her enquiry a few hours later and told her she needed to DM them, but Lioness was not having it.

"Listen, I've been dealing with your customer service for two months and they have done nothing to help me! I'm not interested in your dm crap "she retorted.

Lioness Goes After The Government

Lioness is a well-known rapper who is known for always speaking her thoughts. She is perhaps one of the country's most outspoken personalities. She came out with firearms drawn and aimed at the authorities at one point.

In the midst of calls for the government to legalize homosexuality, abortion, and marijuana, rapper Lioness resorted to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the government's slow response to these pressing concerns.

Being homosexual and having an abortion are both illegal in the country, although some people have been pressing for the government to decriminalize homosexuality and abortion.

Lioness disclosed in a tweet that the country has the ability to legalize these concerns, but they refuse to do so. She added her two cents, stating that this is what the youth are demanding and that the government should begin by legalizing one of the issues before moving on to the others.

"Og Nam can be so archaic at times; we have possibilities to legalize marijuana, abortion, and same-sex marriage, but everything is simply no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Choose one and let's get started! The youth are the future, and this is exactly what we want!! "she sent out a tweet.

Lioness Attacks Namibian Men

Lioness isn't one to hold back when it comes to speaking her thoughts on social media, and she's used Twitter to call out Namibian males for being narcissists.

We're not sure what prompted her message, but it's evident that sis was enraged and needed to vent her anger on social media. She lambasted Namibian men in a tweet, stating they don't want to be challenged and that if they are, they will snap. Instead, she claims, they alter their posture, demeanor, and tone, claiming that it is frightening.

"Namibian guys are narcissists in general. Sorry for the inconvenience. Try challenging one on anything and see how their tone, posture, and demeanor change."

Lioness Slams Fan Over “Giving Birth” Question

Lioness, a rapper and medical doctor, reacted to a fan who inquired about the birth of her first child.

It's no secret that the subject of conceiving a child can be quite difficult for many people, so Lioness felt compelled to address it, and the good news is that she's a doctor, so she understands how delicate the subject can be. This comes after she recently held an Instagram Q&A session with her fans, during which one person inquired about her firstborn. When the rapper heard the fan's response, he asked when she was having hers.

We don't know if some people kept asking her, but the rapper decided to post a video on her Instagram stories instructing followers to stop asking people when they're having children.

"Please don't be going around asking people when are they going to have children. I think it the most intrusive question that you can ask any woman  because you do not understand her circumstances and a child is not a measure of anything," she said.

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