Gina Jeanz Praised For Artistic Work On SA Film

The girl who wears many hats

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Gina Jeanz is indeed a girl who wears many hats. She bragged about designing the cover art for a South African film Ayanda and received heaps of praises even from South African musician and entrepreneur J'Something.

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Her fans were excited to hear the news and so she explained that she studied graphic design.

"At the time I was still studying graphic design and my technique has developed over time but it was definitely one of my proudest achievements as a student."

J'Something said she did amazing on the cover art.

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Gina was born in Namibia but in her teens she moved to South Africa, to live in Cape Town. While there, she mastered her DJing skills. She recently documented her move to Switzerland.

"Here I am again trading comfort, familiarity, and stability for the unknown," she started off her lengthy post.

"After 12 years of living in South Africa, I am moving. I left my homeland Namibia at 19 with one suitcase and my mother's prayers to embark on a 16-hour bus ride to Cape Town. I hadn’t traveled to another country before so I was really on my own, not knowing what to expect outside of completing my studies. Finding my feet as a foreigner was one of most challenging things I’ve experienced but I worked through it because an opportunity like this couldn’t be wasted."

"I leave here having made amazing friends, great connections, accomplished career milestones beyond my wildest dreams but most importantly knowing exactly who I am. This time around I have some knowledge on how to build from the ground up in a new environment and that is the biggest blessing that’s come out of this experience."

"I will always carry the love I’ve received from the people that have been part of my life here and everything I’ve learned throughout the years as a young adult. Thank you to those who showed me kindness and gave me a shot.

Gina now lives in Switzerland, "For the first time in a long time I’m looking forward to my future and damn it feels so good to say that. I will always return, thank you Mzansi."

"I’ve had a few goals that I wanted to achieve before turning 30 and I accomplished even more than I could imagine by the Grace of God because I know he’s played the biggest role in all of it. “Do nothing without intention” a constant reminder of the life I want to lead.

"At this moment I’m immensely grateful for the quality of people I’m blessed to call my friends, I’m cognizant of how important that is and the role they’ve each played throughout the years of my personal growth to becoming the woman I am today. I look forward to what the next decade of this life has to offer, constantly learning and staying present in the moment, gratitude over everything. It is well," she wrote.

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