Getting To Know Namibia’s First Lady

She’s a boss in her own right!

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Namibia’s very own first lady, Monica Geingos, has paved her way as prolific public figure long before she was given the prestigious title. The 43-year-old is also an acclaimed entrepreneur and lawyer, and has been a board member and director within many of the country's large companies. She had also chaired the Presidential Economic Advisory Council, serving the people of Namibia well beyond her line of duty. 

Along with her many accolades, in 2012, she was voted one of the most influential people in Namibia and in 2020, she was added to list of 100 of Africa’s most influential women. On Valentine’s Day 20215, she married the then-President-elect of Namibia, Hage Geingob, shortly before he was sworn into office and she has served as First Lady since March 2015.

Monica won the hearts of Namibians when her generosity and selflessness was seen when she pledged to donate all of her wealth, estimated to be at $3 million, to charity when she dies. Believing that the citizens of the country are deserving of her hard work just as much as her family, Monica has been embraced by almost everyone she encounters. 

According to the Thomson Reuters Foundation News, both Monica and Hage voluntarily declared their combined assets of some 110 million Namibian dollars ($7.44 million), which gave full transparency between them and the public. 

"I strongly believe that inheritance is one of the biggest drivers of inequality," the 43-year-old lawyer and former head of Namibia's first and largest private equity fund, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview at State House. "If I'm telling poor children that they must be well educated, have the right attitude, and they must stay away from self-destructive behaviour and they'll be fine, then surely that message should apply to my kids too?". 

Monica has also grabbed headlines for her stance on bullying, which she firmly believes needs to be stopped. In a powerful video, she released on social media, she said she has been slut-shamed, called stupid, empty-headed by cyberbullies. The 44-year-old businesswoman who is married to president President Hage Geingob, says many have been asking her when the president would impregnate her.

That's when they are not asking when or if my husband will impregnate me, when they tell me to shut up and go back to the kitchen or reminded that I am empty-headed and that I'm being a bad example to another lesson girls. When I'm not busy being a manipulative, deceitful gold-digger. I am busy running the country as I have bewitched my old Sugar Daddy husband who is too blind to see through my feminine charms. Please remember that the only time society is willing to disempower a man is when it's time to blame his wife," said the First Lady.
The first lady has renounced these societal norms. She said she "recently instituted defamation lawsuit against this type of behavior" because enough is enough. She said there have been so many lies told about her and some believe them. She challenged gender-based insults.

The first lady said there have been so many lied told about her and her family on social media and she said she believed those lies were so outrageous and that one would believe them but she was totally wrong.

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