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Gazza started recording his upcoming album Messiah back when Covid-19 had not even made its entrance into the shores of Namibia, 2 years ago to be precise.

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The good news for Gazza's fans is that the album has dropped and it is in collaboration with KFC.

Speaking to Radio Fresh FM, Gazza opened up about a whole lot of logistics that he has had to take into consideration prior to the release of the album.

He said, "If there's one thing, Covid has taught us to think outside the box. So now we are thinking that there is no public gathering...if you only release music digitally, there are many people in the remote areas who don't have access to the internet, mind you a smart phone that can download a song so we are putting together strategies on how to release this album"

Gazza said that putting music on digital platforms does not give them a good return on their investment because you have to send the body of work to a third party and they have to take their cut so end of the day when artists get the money for the album, it does not match with the initial money they out into making the album.

"We had many different conversations with a lot of cooperate companies explaining the idea and what we want to achieve to breach all and connect everyone. If you are in a remote area and you can only play a CD, yes we got you. If you only have USB or SD card, we got you. If you are digital, we got you. If you want the traditional CD we got you.  

"How do we also breach the gap of getting the return on investment because its three years working on the album. We are putting a lot of money"

Gazza then said he met a guy who showed him what he can do interms of tech. This guy was in a process of creating a platform to circulate Namibian music, "when he explained the idea to me, I said I don't mind being the first on the platform so basically now after KFC understood the concept"

Gazza said the concept is very far from the traditional way of marketing. He said that the Messiah album is the stage of unlocking. 

"The process is now called the "Unlocking of the Messiah Album" and when you unlock the album you got to KFC any KFC in the country and then you just buy a Zula bucket. When you buy a Zula bucket, immediately you get an SMS with a put that generated code in the Africentric (the platform that Verne created), and it will give you access to a certain song. Now if you unlock six songs, you have unlocked the album and you can stream the album for free...that is if you unlock more than 6 songs"

The Zula bucket has three pieces of chicken and chips. So you just go to KFC and get a Zulu bucket for one.

Gazza said this process was because of Covid hitting every part of Namibia very hard. The album has 18 songs and if you buy more than 6 buckets, you will get access to the whole album for your listening pleasure.

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