The Hype Behind #GazzaLogo Trend

An Opportunity For Fans To Show Off Their Talent And Creativity

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Our favorite artist had all the fans chipping in and using their creativity to help him out. Gazza put out a tweet on the 22nd asking fans to help him out with logo creation for his brand Gazza.

Wanting input from his beloved fans he took to social media to announce that he wanted them to come up with ideas for his brand and send in the entries. As with any competition, the winner of this one gets a prize as well.

Gazza said that the winner of this competition would receive 'N$2000 worth of Chelete'. Along with the prize money, there are the bragging rights that the winner gets, the advantage of telling people that they are the creative head behind the Gazza logo.

Creativity within a box. That is the basic idea behind this. Though Gazza has asked everyone to help him out with his logo, he definitely has some specifications. The details of this contest were clarified in a thread of three tweets on his Twitter page. 

He said that the logo should incorporate the running man in the GMP logo but contestants should keep in mind that the logo is for the Gazza brand and not the GMP brand. He has asked people to keep it simple and creative but is open to all sorts of entries.

GMP is Gazza’s own record label. It stands for Gazza Music Production. The company had been launched back in 2004. It has, since then, become one of the most successful music labels in Namibia. It has signed a number of artists such as Tequila, Black Sheep, Street Kid, Luvy and DJ Shoza. 

Gazza also gave out instructions on how people should submit their versions of the logo for the Gazza brand. He asked people to submit the logo on Twitter itself, reminding them to post the images using #GazzaLogo. 

If you have seen #GazzaLogo trending recently on Twitter, this is the reason why. The entries close on the 29th of January, 2021. He has expressed his excitement in wanting to see what his fans and followers come up with.

Having gone through the tweets with #GazzaLogo, it is safe to say that the people of Twitter have an abundance of creativity and talent in them. The logos being submitted are incredible and we are sure that Gazza will have a tough time deciding the best one.

However, the logos aren’t the only things being added to tweets with #GazzaLogo in them. Many people have been using the hashtag to add some pretty funny memes on Twitter, adding humour to the challenge.

Some people have taken the challenge seriously and posted their amazing logos on the social media site, showing off their skills. Others have put a humorous twist, sending the memes they created with the hashtag.

It will be a task separating the serious work from the ironic ones but we believe that Gazza should take a look at them. If not finding inspiration for his brand logo, he will definitely have a laugh. 

We cannot wait to see which creation gets selected as the logo for his brand Gazza. We wish all the participants good luck and may the best one win!

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