Soccer Is Their Religion

They never miss a game

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There is nobody in the world who is more devoted to their โ€˜religionโ€™ like a real football diehard. 

They will follow the pre-game commentary, watch the 90 or so minutes of the actual game, the after-game commentary, and any re-runs of the game, and as if thatโ€™s not enough- you will still find them discussing the game with their mates when they meet.

Some of our stars are devoted members of the most popular sport in the world, we will discuss a few today. A few will surprise you.


From a young age, Lazarus Shiimi loved football, at school, his teammates compared his skills at the pitch to retired English football legend- Paul Gascoigne and thus he adopted the legendโ€™s nickname Gazza, which has stuck with us.

Gazza is a Liverpool FC supporter and we assume that he rarely misses a game.

In 2021, the Kwaito superstar announced on Twitter that he would be taking a break from football and working on his album. This came after his team was beaten 4-1 by Manchester City.

Besides his love for EPL, Gazza is also a supporter of the Brave Warriors. During the COSAFA games in 2021, he took to Instagram to congratulate the home team for the good work they were doing.

โ€œYou guys put up a very good fight ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿพ You gave everything for us till the very last whistle. And if it wasnโ€™t for the goal difference we wouldโ€™ve made it through! ๐Ÿ’”Thank you for giving us a glimmer of HOPE during these troubling times. No matter the outcome, we are all proud of you ๐Ÿ’ฏโ€ he said.
If Gazza had not ended up as the legendary hitmaker that he is today, he probably would have been a legendary professional football player- either way, he would be blessing us with goals.

Exit Rockaz

The self-proclaimed GOAT of Namibiaโ€™s music space is also a football lover, and while we are well aware that he regularly plays fantasy football and he is good at it, we do not know for sure if this skill can be replicated on a real football pitch.

Aside from the fantasy game, Exit also supports national football. He promoted and performed during the 2021 annual national football tournament.

It appears also that Exit supports Manchester United and has a particularly soft spot for Christiano Ronaldo whom he often compares himself to given that they are both GOATs in what they do.

Maria Nepembe

Believe it or not, this babe is a soccer fan, and a red devilsโ€™ supporter too or at least she used to be.

Last year after enduring severe heartache from the consecutive beatings that Manchester United was getting, sis decided to call quits on watching football.
It appears that this is the best way to go for all Manchester united fans who have had enough humiliation.

If your team is disappointing you all the time then you should follow Maria Nepembe's footsteps and avoid chest pains.

Dillish Mathews

At some point, homegirl Dillish Mathewsโ€™ love for the sport was manifested when she dated one of the most successful football players in Africa- Emmanuel Adebayor. 

We can imagine that Dillish had already pictured her life as a footballer wife, and was prepared to watch most, if not all of ex bae's matches but unfortunately, things did not work out for them.

We hope that her love for the game did not die with the death of her relationship.

Kaboy Kamakili

Up and coming star Kaboy has won our hearts ever since he came into the limelight. While we love his music, the drama he brings to the table is also something to live for.

It appears that this artist is also a football fan or at least a fantasy football fan.

We are yet to establish what team he supports but we will keep you updated once we know for sure. 

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