Gazza Sports A New Look!

Gazza debuts a new hairstyle triggering mixed reactions.

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Gazza recently posted his journey to a new hairdo. Recording his trip to the parlour, he can also be seen recording the new hairstyle. Leaving us in suspense initially, we finally saw the new look he has in the last few slides of his Instagram post. 

He posts the videos and the pictures with the caption ‘Hit or Miss?’. Confusing some of the fans as some did not swipe all the way, few of them decided that it was a clear miss. There have been mixed reactions amongst those who saw the final look.
Gazza's New Hairstyle

We think that the braids with the cross pattern look really cool but some disagree. There are a lot of clashing opinions in the comment section as some fans absolutely love the new look but some are quite displeased. 

Some find it childish but others are totally digging it. Asking the audience whether they agree or disagree with your look will always lead to the expected result, i.e. a difference in opinions. But for this star, the negative comments do not affect him as he loves his look, looking as confident as ever. 

No stranger to the positives and negatives that come with fame, Gazza is known as one of the most loved and popular artists in Africa and other parts of the world. He has been in the industry for over 20-years now and continues to rock the continent with his music.

He recently released new music and we fell in love with him all over again. He has also seen massive success in his music videos as they break records on YouTube and he won the Artist of the Decade award at the Namibian Annual Music Awards in 2020, winning the most NAMA awards.  

He has thirty awards and twelve albums. Starting from nothing, he worked hard to get to where he is right now. It is his dedication and effort that has brought him here. He is now one of the bestselling record artists in the country. 

Not only is he a beloved star, but he is also a devoted husband and father. The power couple, Golden Shiimi and Gazza, have two sons together. And believe us when we say that they are family goals all the way. 

Having struggled his way to the top, Gazza knows more than a thing or two about hate. Not everyone will like or support the choices one makes but what is more important than others’ approval is your own. 

He continues to be unbothered by any of the hate or negative comments, rocking his brand new hairstyle. From the first slide he posted to the last, his hair has gone through quite a transformation, resulting in quite a neat look. 

Seeing the final hairstyle, we think that this just may be his iconic look. It is, without a doubt, a total hit. We are loving this new style on him! Looking more dashing than ever, it is definitely a welcome change. 

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