Gazza Explains Delay Around His Album

Will he ever release it?

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Multi-award-winning musician Gazza, recently announced that he will soon be releasing his highly anticipated album Road To Messiah but it seems fans will have to wait for a bit because he is not convinced by their hunger for the album to drop.

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Gazza was replying to a fan on his Instagram page who asked him about the album release date and he said "You guys need to show me you’re ready mos haven’t seen enough to give a date," he said.

Grazza recently revealed that he will collaborate with three international acts on this album and it has 17 tracks. The muso has been releasing singles lately and his album is one that fans have been waiting for a very long time. We wonder who the three international artists are.
Gazza has more reasons to celebrate this year. The musician and his baby mama Golden Shiimi recently welcomed their bundle of joy. Golden announced her pregnancy in a post on Instagram on Valentine's day. She said she could not wait to meet her love number 4. Making the big announcement, she posted a picture of her looked stunning in a red dress whilst holding her baby bump with roses surrounding her upper body. Her fans took to her comments section to congratulate her and even the likes of Nelaolange and Reinhard Mahalie congratulated her.

Gazza and Golden have been going strong for many years since they got hitched. They have become one of the country's most envied power couples in the entertainment industry. In an Instagram post shared by Golden Shiimi, she posted a series of their wedding day pictures with the caption "On this day, 10 years ago on the Eiffel Tower.

Gazza recently starred in a local film and he also revealed that he wants to get more into acting.

Another artist who is expected to release his album in August is Exit. The album is set to showcase his extensive musical talent, not only through production and vocals but through thorough mixing as well and remaining versatile as he has always been. The musician's album has been encapsulating in numerous genres and this one will be his first hip-hop album.

In a tweet recently, he told his followers that he is not a kwaito artist but he isn't a kwaito artist. "I am the best kwaito artist but I am not a kwaito artist! My albums had all types of genres since the first day I left my spit on the mike. Don’t pretend to follow music if you are not aware of this. This is a master in all Art! β€œEddy Murphy” Respect my new project!"

Exit recently shared that he will soon be taking a break from the music scene but it seems he was joking, "Good News Or Bad News? Okay! The Bad News is 1. I’m officially working on my businesses officially from now on, hands-on. 2nd. My kids want daddy so I will not be recording for 1 and a half year. Good News: I will perform If you can afford me and my family," he tweeted.

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