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We did not see this one coming

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They often say that music is the key to the soul and it heals, well our very own musician Gazza has decided to pay homage to his fanbase by releasing an EP ahead of his much-anticipated album's release.

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The EP showcases Gazza's talent and it is cementing his presence as one of the country's greatest musicians. It is no secret that Gazza has really been putting in a lot of hard work with regards to his musical career and his work speaks for itself.

The EP is titled Road To Messiah, and it is a preview of his upcoming studio album. In a post on Instagram, he said releasing an EP was not in the cards but when they compiled his album they had to cut down too many songs and they thought he should just utilize the remaining by releasing an EP.

"When consolidating the track-list on ‘Messiah’, the bulk of the music that didn’t make it felt too great to be archived. Paying homage to my loving fanbase, I want them to know the quality of work they could expect & that we didn’t compromise on anything within our creative process." he said.

"Over the years my music has been lost, & there’s no way to get it back. Our goal this time around is to provide our audience an experience of the full body of work initially intended for the album," he shared

As soon as the EP dropped the streets went crazy and many love it! Gazza wondered that if this body of work is amazing then what can fans expect in his upcoming album.

This project encompasses a production value, lyricism & overall passion to create quality music that has continued to excel & stands to reiterate, “If this is the EP, what’s on the album”.

Gazza has more to celebrate this year. The musician and his baby mama Golden Shiimi, are currently expecting their third child, whose arrival is imminent. The gender of the baby has not yet been revealed. but they recently hosted a baby shower to celebrate his impending arrival.

The exciting news was revealed In a post on Instagram on Valentine's day. Golden said she cannot wait to meet her love number 4. Making the big announcement, she posted a picture of her looked stunning in a red dress whilst holding her baby bump with roses surrounding her upper body. Her fans took to her comments section to congratulate her and even the likes of Nelaolange and Reinhard Mahalie congratulated her.

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