Gazza Is In Mourning

Gazza's close friend passes on

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Musician Gazza is mourning the loss of not only his back up dancer, but friend, Max. The entire GMP family has expressed heartbreak over the passing of the young man who brought energy and life into Gazza's performances.

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Expressing sadness over Max's passing, Gazza changed his profile pictures on social media and put the young man.

Condolences started pouring in for the young man from social media users:

"Praying for the GMP family and Max’s loved ones."

"Strength to Gazza, Shoza, the entire GMP team & Ghost's family. What a chilled guy man. Gave nothing but good vibes. Easy going jokester. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

"Max has BEEN dancing with Gazza. That’s technically his first born. I can’t even begin to fathom. They had a beautiful bond. May God give Gazza, Shoza and the rest of the GMP family strength."

"Our deepest condolences to Ghost family, the the GMP family and friends
His last performance was at Trinity on Friday. We will never forget how lovely his soul was and how happy he always was. We have lost a great one. Forever in our hearts. Rest easy."

"Condolences to the GMP family. May God protect you and help find healing."

Just a few weeks ago, Gazza was embroiled in a legal case worth 300K. According to the Namibian, Trinity Transaction Advisory (TTA) has reported that they have only apparently received N$180 250, for which they were supposed to have received N$589 041.50. This was from his deal with KFC Namibia.

When he released a single titled Mutu Mukuru Mavatere featuring Murangere, he decided to motivate his followers. 

"In a time where some of us have lost loved ones, livelihoods and hopes it is easy to fall off track. It is easy to lose your motivation, your balance and your will to continue during this time here is a message of motivation to you."

Fans can enjoy his singles in the mean time because his album release will be delayed a bit, "It is with great sadness and disappointment that I have decided to postpone the release of my album Messiah. My mind, spirit, and energy is not in the right place to release such a personal body of work. This comes after the loss of close relatives in a short period of time. My heart goes out to everyone dealing with grief ad mental health challenges during this pandemic. I will be using the following two weeks to focus on my family and allow my energy and spirit to get up to the right place," he shared.

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