Gazza Asks Fans To Help Him Convince Management

The New Release Date Depends On His Loyal Fans

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Gazza has taken to Twitter to ask his fans to help him convince his management team to release the date of his new single. He has asked everyone to change their Twitter usernames to #RoadToMessiah.

If more than fifty people change their usernames, then he will put out the release date of his new song. He claims that it has been hard to convince management and that he needs the help of his loyal fans to do the same. 

The soon-to-be father to baby number four is an industry legend. He has recently celebrated 44 years in the music industry and ever since his entry, he has been making music that gets people out of their seats and into the dance floor. 

He, for the past 44 years, has been known as one of the most loved and popular artists in Africa and other parts of the world. He has also seen massive success in his music videos as they break records on YouTube and he won the Artist of the Decade award at the Namibian Annual Music Awards in 2020, winning the most NAMA awards.  

He has thirty awards and twelve albums. Starting from nothing, he worked hard to get to where he is right now. It is his dedication and effort that have brought him here. He is now one of the bestselling record artists in the country. 

Committed to giving his fans award-winning music, he decided to cut out all other distractions from his life. The football fanatic recently let his fans know that he would leave football after a rather disappointing Liverpool vs Man City match and put all his energy into creating new music

However, it is not all that easy as the singer and his management team are at war with one another over the release date of his new song. Though people want more than just a release date, most are willing to help out their favorite artist

People have changed their username to #RoadToMessiah to support Gazza but some are still skeptical. People are doubting the role of management and are unhappy being rewarded with only a release date for the new song. 

One particular follower tweeted ‘Aren't you management?’ to which Gazza replied stating that he is the founder and artist but the management is a separate team. Whether management is being really tough on him or it’s a play to get the hashtag trending is still up for debate. 

However, making it more realistic, the management team replied to his cry for help, upping the game. They stated ‘Not that easy @Gazza467_ , we want to see more than 50 then we’ll see if we can organise one last listening session... Deal?’

The artist has faith in his fans and appreciates those that are helping him convince management. We hope that we find out the date of release as we cannot wait to hear more amazing songs from this amazing artist. 

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