A Look At Gazza's Cars

What an impressive car collection!

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Gazza, A look at Gazza

Considered one of the best and most successful musicians in Namibia, Gazza whose real name is Lazarus Shiimi is a testament to the young upcoming musicians in the country that hard work and discipline can indeed pay off in the industry.

In the nearly 20 years of his successful career as a musician, Gazza has been able to climb to the top of the game and he is currently enjoying the perks that come with being on top including fame and enough money in the bank.

Gazza is one of those men who love sleek cars and the good thing is that he can afford them. Here is a look at some of Gazza’s cars, Lazarus sure understands the meaning of arriving in style.

BMW 330i 

Gazza, source: Instagram

According to sources, one of Gazza’s cars is a powerful BMW 330i. This German machine runs on a turbo-charged 2.0 L four-cylinder that produces 255 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

The BMW 330i goes for nothing less than N$ 650 000 but this is a small price to pay for Gazza’s whose net worth has been on the rise over the years.


In February 2022, Gazza took to Instagram to flaunt a beautiful white Tesla Model X on Instagram with the caption “The future is here.”

Although he did not reveal whether the new beautiful monster on wheels was his or not, there is reason to believe that the Tesla might be one of Gazza’s cars. I mean why else would he post a car that isn’t his?

The luxury car is powered by electric motors with rechargeable batteries and can produce between 360 to 470 horsepower depending on the variant.

Some of its special features include an autopilot advanced driver assistance system, a touch screen, and fully customized interiors. The car also has beautiful falcon-wing doors that set them apart from other cars and a great sound system. From Gazza’s video, you can hear how the beats of his Brandewyn song hit.

And while we await confirmation of ownership of this Tesla, we honestly wouldn't be surprised to learn that it belongs to Gazza.

Kia Sorento

Gazza's car, source: Twitter

Back in 2013, Gazza became the brand ambassador for KIA motors, and out of the deal, he reportedly bagged a beautiful Kia Sorento.

The Kia Sorento is a seven-seater All-Wheel Drive SUV that runs on a 2.5 L 4-cylinder engine producing 191 horsepower. 

Famed for its large cargo space, the Kia Sorento was one of Gazza’s cars all his family could fit in comfortably.

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How does Gazza afford expensive cars?

Gazza’s main source of wealth is his success in music. With over 12 albums to his name, numerous awards, and international fame, Gazza is amongst the most consistent musicians in Namibia. His consistency and talents have helped him build his wealth and he is currently among the richest musicians in the country.

Along with his success in music, Gazza also relies on his business empire as a source of his wealth.

He is the owner of Gazza Music Productions (GMP) which is among the top music producing labels in the country, a sparkling water business called G-Fresh, and a fashion business called 467 Clothing. These businesses have helped Gazza to build a desirable net worth that affords him the lifestyle of his dreams including expensive rides.

In addition to his music and businesses, Gazza has also landed a good number of lucrative deals with some of the biggest brands in the country including KIA motors and KFC. Thanks to these deals, the musician has secured the bag.

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