Frans Indongo's Net Worth, Sources Of Wealth, And Family

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Frans Indongo, Frans Indongo
Fransisco Aupa Indongo, mostly known as Frans Indongo, is one of the richest people in Namibia and undoubtedly the richest black person in Namibia.

Born in 1936, Frans Indongo has enjoyed a rewarding career in the political scene as well as an entrepreneur.

A lot of varied accounts have been provided about how Frans Indongo came to be the billionaire that he is today, including a story about how he used to sell sweets or how he used to lay bricks. But which account is true? Here is the real deal about Frans Indongo’s net worth, and the truth about his sources of wealth.

Frans Indongo’s net worth

According to Forbes magazine, Frans Indongo’s net worth is estimated to be $1.3 billion. He has earned this incredible net worth from his sharp business investments and from his career in politics.

Frans Indongo's businesses

Frans Indongo, source: Facebook

According to credible sources, Frans Indongo started out as a bricklayer in the 1950s. He made enough money from this hustle and bought a sewing machine for making clothes which he sold in Oranjemund.

After saving enough money from his sewing business, Frans Indongo started his own mud bricks shop in 1964 in Okatana.

From the profits he made from his shop, Indongo went on to open a chain of supermarkets across Namibia and a chain of businesses under the umbrella of Indongo Group.

He is a key player in several industries including the hotel industry, food industry, fishing industry, holding industry, and the automotive industry where he owns companies like Bokomo Foods Namibia,  Indongo Toyota, Tongaat Hulett Namibia (sugar producer), Frans Indongo Lodge and Protea Hotel Walvis Bay (hotels).

Besides the profits from his businesses, Frans Indongo’s net worth has also been built by his assets. He owns multiple properties in strategic locations across the country including Windhoek, Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, and Tsumeb.

Frans Indongo political career

Frans Indongo, source: Facebook

In the 1970s, Frans Indongo was a prominent political figure in the country. He was a leading member of the National Democratic Party.

Indongo was also an important player in the 1977 Turnhalle Constitutional Conference as a member of the Ovamboland delegation that saw the formation of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) formerly known as the Democratic Turnhalle Alliance (DTA.)

Between 1975 and 1982, the billionaire served as a cabinet minister. First as a Minister for Economic Affairs in the Owambo legislative assembly then later in the Owambo Second Tier Representative Authority. He was also a founding member of the Christian Democratic Action for Social Justice.

He later resigned from politics to focus on managing his businesses later in the 1980s. While most publications tend to skip Frans Indongo’s political career when talking about how he became successful, it definitely had a hand in helping him grow his net worth. You cannot be a minister and not influence a few things in your favour.

Frans Indongo’s family

Frans Indongo's son, King Frans, source: Instagram

Frans Indongo walked down the aisle and formally exchanged vows with his second wife Beata in 2019 after his first estranged wife Kordura GwaMbeno passed on. 

He previously couldn’t wed Beata because the laws of the Roman Catholic Church forbids a man from marrying a second wife if the first wife is still alive.

It is unclear exactly how many children Frans Indongo has but some sources claim that he has over 20 children.

The most famous of Frans Indongo’s children is his son- King Frans Indongo who is an entrepreneur like his father, with interests in the mining, oil, and gas industries.
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