Fine Wine, Sleek Cars, And Exotic Vacations

These celebs are living your dream

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Some of our fave celebs are living the lives we all dream of. You know, the fat bank accounts, huge mansions, sleek machines, and luxurious vacations, high life and we envy them.

Today we look at some of these celebs who are showing us how we should live if we ever get the big bucks.

King Tee Dee

King Tee Dee is one of the most celebrated and richest artists in Namibia.
Aside from the big bucks he has made from his success as a musician, King Tee is also a businessman and a fine one for that matter.

He owns a fashion brand called ‘Mshasho Clothing’ that deals in designer clothes, shoes, and accessories, and he also owns a production company called ‘Mshasho Productions.’

With a net worth of around 1-5 Million dollars, King Tee Dee is on top of the game and he is not afraid of spending it well.

The Dogg loves sleek cars and is the proud owner of a range rover, and Audi 3, which is branded 'Mshasho'.

In 2021, King Tee Dee took to Twitter to flaunt a white brand new Porsche which many believe he gifted himself with.


The owner of 'Gazza Music Productions' is another top Namibian artist who has been in the industry for over two decades and has something to show for it.
Gazza whose real name is Lazarus Shiimi is also a businessman like his counterpart- King Tee Dee. Other than his music production label, Gazza also owns G-Fresh, a sparkling mineral water company, and a clothing line.
He has also landed a number of endorsement deals with companies such as KIA motors and KFC.

Among his extravagant property, Gazza is the owner of a BMW 330i that costs over half a million.

He also loves fine things including top-class decor. In 2020, when he sued an interior designer for poor workmanship,  it was revealed that he spent over N$80 000 on curtains for his rooms alone. It must be nice to have that kind of money.

Dillish Mathews

Former Big Brother Africa winner, Dillish Mathew is doing well for herself. Since she won the BBA in 2013, sis has been on a forward-ever motion.
Named as one of the most influential and richest female Namibian celebrities, Dillish has worked hard to get where she is. She currently runs several successful businesses including ‘Dillish by Vault’, which is an international cosmetics brand, and ‘Dillish Cool Cubes’ an ice cubes business.

Dillish has also tapped hard into her talents as an actor, and an influencer, which has landed her a number of roles in Nollywood films and endorsement deals with brands like Nivea.

While homegirl knows how to work hard, she also knows how to enjoy the finer things of life like high-end cars. She is a proud owner of a sleek black Volkswagen, on her last birthday, she posted a picture of herself leaning next to her expensive toy.

Dillish also loves to unwind and go on luxurious vacations, and it appears that Dubai has a special place in her heart seeing that she is a regular tourist. Last year she took a solo vacation to Dubai
It truly must be nice to be her.

Meriam Kaxuxwena

This beauty pageant queen’s life is an example of how you should live when you get money.

Kaxuxwena who besides her successful modeling career is also a successful entrepreneur who owns a lingerie line and a modeling school. But when she’s not working hard, she is relaxing hard.
Meriam considers herself an international tourist. She has been all over the world either for work or pleasure and she knows how to live large, dining in fine places, swimming on exotic beaches, and interacting with big names like the famous Salt Bae.

While it might be too late for us to be top international models, you might still have a chance and if you do, don’t let it pass- you could be living large like Meriam right now.

Maria Nepembe

This beautiful mama has made a solid footprint in Namibia’s entertainment industry with her talents. She is a model, an actor, a film producer, and a radio personality just to name a few.
But when sis is not sweating from all her hustles, she also takes time to unwind and she knows how to unwind like a queen.

Last year she went on vacation in the US where she visited nearly all states. She spent her time with her loaded BFF Bassey and she shared photos of her in different places in the states clearly having the time of her life.

We should all work hard to be rich so that we can afford the finer things in life like our celebs. We will start saving money after the Easter holidays for sure, when do you plan to start your savings journey? Let us know in the comments.

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