Fans Comfort D-Kandjafa After Losing His Mother

He recently laid his mother to rest

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Popular Namibian Kwaito rapper, song writer, composer, author and performer, D-Kandjafa has lost his mother. In several Instagram posts, he announced  the passing of his mother. 

"Go well mummy," wrote D-Kandjafa on his Instagram, along with a picture of the funeral service attended by family and friends. 
Fans have offered their words of condolences to the multi-talented star. 

_redeaglebuka: Tah kalunga nakale pamwe nangwee zimo. I'm sending condolences  to your family and be strong brotherman. Read Psalm 18

Sheehama_official: That's so hurtful but just have hope and faith in Almighty God to help you on her behalf. God be with you and protect you THE BIG D

Shoopala_official: May God bless her..wish u to be strong my brother and give us nice music  we are with u still now ndjaketse #Fungula system.

_henryjosef: I sympathize with you The Big D , is not easy to lose a mother . May god comfort you in this difficult time 

Jps_cassin: Be strong brother men and still give us nice music God bless you bro

Luckynicenampweya: Be strong kamwaina omwenyo gwae nagutulumukwe nombili

Mediyange88: My condolences Broe

Twoten2: My condolences man we couldn’t make it but our hearts and thoughts are with y’all.

Lennyoomkat: My condolences to you and your family mwameme

Daxa_07_david: Keep pushing you are the best my guy

Tpthipe: Keep strong fellow human, let mama rest & keep on pushing with wisdom from her

Immanuel.ilongeni: Be strong enough my ou

Selma_27.09_: My condolences Kaume.

Nangombelagos: it's part of life brother 

Another celebrity who lost a loved one is Sunnyboy. The rapper and musician had his wife Nelaolange beside him. Mind you, she also lost her loved one recently and had dedicated her academic achievement to them. 

"I’ve lost so many people dear to me in such a short period of time. I don’t even cry anymore. Why stress over something you have no control over. The only way now is to live a fulfilling life so that when that time comes, you have lived and you have done at least half of what you have planned to do as you grow.. The preacher said, make sure that you have gotten yourself and house in order above everything."

Nelaolange herself also lost people close to her, her parents. On the anniversary of his death, Nela paid homage to her father, “Two years ago today. Feels like it was just yesterday. Miss you dearly papa.”

On the anniversary of the death of her mother, she said, "How does life continue without a mother? With each passing day, reality hits harder. Our safety net is no more. Home is no more. If you ask me about pain, I'll tell you about pain because I know pain firsthand. This is truly the hardest battle we have ever had to fight."

She even dedicated her degree to them, "To my mom & dad who left us last year... I've worked super hard the past 3 years to bring you this accomplishment. It saddens me that you are no longer here through your standing ovation is heartfelt. This one is for Meme Ndahafa, Kuku Helena & Tate Zee!!!" she wrote.

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