Exit Sets Tongues Wagging After Sharing A Snap Holding Woman's Butt

Who is the woman?

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It is no secret that at this point, most Namibian musicians will do anything to trend because wow, some are just seeking clout whilst some are promoting their music. Yesterday, Exit Rockaz decided to shake the timeline with a picture of him holding a woman's asset.

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It has become a tradition with rappers lately who are trying to push their new music to post pictures that will set tongues wagging and create hype. Exit is probably doing this to gain traction as he gets ready to drop his new album Forever.

The album will be released on 30 November 2020. Exit seems to be very ecstatic about the release of the album and has been posting about it on his social media.

He reflected on The Last Supper album and says it captured his life last year perfectly and the music represented his existence in 2019. ''Great album The Last Supper very good since last year to date. Love to look at it as a personal time in my life were I needed to find out who is who? And I'm glad I know, dropping my new gift/album Forever this end of November,'' he tweeted

Taking to Instagram yesterday, the musician shared a snap of him holding an unidentified woman's butt and social media users were left guessing who it might be.

Some fans speculated that the woman might be Top Cheri. Exit recently released his much-anticipated remix for his hit Kwaito song Kondjifa. Many people wanted to figure out who had the best verse and who outdid the other artist with better rhyming schemes, flows, and subject content.

One of the people who stand out on the song is Page from Ethnix. He seems to be a favorite on social media with many people saying he was the one who had the better verse. He jelled very well with the beat and even switched it up, he gave people raps and then his signature Rnb flow. Another close contender for the best verse on the song is Tesh. 

Tesh was a trending topic on Twitter when the song dropped. In his verse, Tesh says he beat Exit in a Fifa game and that Exit should admit it.

Image Cred: Instagram @exitrockaz
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