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He is expanding his net worth

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Musician and entrepreneur Exit Rockaz has decided to add to his net worth. The muso has started his very own talk show called 'The Sofa'.

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Exit is giving guests the chance to open up about their struggles and he lends them a shoulder.

Judging from the way he described it, it will be a show where he allows his guests to be free and comfortable. He understands most of their struggles so he wants to be someone who guides them.

"I know how you feel my friend. I have been there. It’s about time you sit next to me and take that load off your shoulders!" Exit then added, "Sometimes it’s not necessarily having the solution. Sometimes, just feeling heard is enough."

He then went on to introduce his talk show which airs on his platform called RockazTV. "Introducing #TheSofa on #RockazTv focusing on the most ignored life challenges worldwide. Tune in every Wednesday from 18H30 to 19H00."

Check out one of the things which will be discussed below:

They talk about a range of topics including depression and it will be discussed when it premiers which is on May 25.

Depression is like a silent killer which does rarely gets the attention it needs. It is refreshing to see Exit wanting to talk about such when it is an ignored life challenge.

One of the stars who opened up about suffering from it is Top Cheri who said so in a lengthy statement. She had to release the statement when she shocked her fans with the announcement that she would be quitting music. 

"I am glad I walked the journey, the experience was beautiful when it was. I will always be grateful to everybody who helped me on the journey! Producers, my dancers, and mostly the fans that fell in love with my music. It was beautiful and I will cherish every moment," she wrote.

She then, later on, backtracked on her decision and said she was just going through it and would not quit music. 

"Apologize for that premature announcement on Thursday regarding “Quitting”. Like many other, if not all entertainers, I have been fighting battles with depression and battles of normalizing and adjusting to the new normal. Nobody wants to talk about it, I guess Namibia mental health is a “sensitive issue."

"Wave of self-doubt and depression hit me and I took to Facebook to offload, it was a moment of weakness. I apologize to all my fans who was devastated by the news. I apologize and can gracefully say I will not quit."

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