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The star is grateful for the love which brought him this far

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Exit Rockaz is without a doubt one of the most successful Namibian musicians there is. The singer has amassed so much success throughout the years so when he shares some words of wisdom, only the wise will hear. 

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The singer shared that his album Cum Laude is available worldwide and that fans should not miss the opportunity to get their hands on it. The singer then shared some words of wisdom with his fans about carving their own paths and not following other people's.

He encouraged people to stay true to themselves and not follow what other people are doing, as they would fall into the trap of not being themselves. He said there is no shame in doing something then failing at it.

"Follow Your Passion, Stay True to Yourself. Never follow Someone else's path unless you're in the Woods and you're Lost!... If at first, you don't succeed, try,  try again, then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it. Thank You For Being With Me On This Wonderful Journey."

Exit always drops gems of wisdom with his fans and even created a whole platform, his very own talk show called 'The Sofa' where he talks to fans about such issues.

On the show, he will be touching on a range of topics such as depression and other social ills. Allowing his fans to be free to openly discuss what would be troubling them.

"I know how you feel my friend. I have been there. It’s about time you sit next to me and take that load off your shoulders!" Exit then added, "Sometimes it’s not necessarily having the solution. Sometimes, just feeling heard is enough."

The Sofa will be available on his platform called RockazTV. "Introducing #TheSofa on #RockazTv focusing on the most ignored life challenges worldwide. Tune in every Wednesday from 18H30 to 19H00."

Depression is sometimes something that is overlooked but Exit wants to bring awareness to it. Even artists such as Top Cheri spoke about their struggles which almost lead to her quitting music in its entirety. 

"I am glad I walked the journey, the experience was beautiful when it was. I will always be grateful to everybody who helped me on the journey! Producers, my dancers, and mostly the fans that fell in love with my music. It was beautiful and I will cherish every moment," she wrote.

But, the singer said she would not allow depression to win. 

"Apologize for that premature announcement on Thursday regarding “Quitting”. Like many other, if not all entertainers, I have been fighting battles with depression and battles of normalizing and adjusting to the new normal. Nobody wants to talk about it, I guess because...in Namibia mental health is a “sensitive issue."

"Wave of self-doubt and depression hit me and I took to Facebook to offload, it was a moment of weakness. I apologize to all my fans who was devastated by the news. I apologize and can gracefully say I will not quit."

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