Exit Rockaz's Net Worth Revealed

Silent entrepreneur, silent millionaire

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Exit, Exit Rockaz

David Shikalepo, aka Exit Rockaz, is one of Namibia’s top musicians who along with producing great hits and having a legion of followers, is also known for stirring up beef with his fellow musicians like King Tee Dee and Fossy. All these reasons make us love Exit even more.

Exit, who is considered the greatest of all time musician in Namibia by a section of his fans, has been in the music industry for a little over ten years, and in that short amount of time, he has been able to gain popularity and cash it in big.

Let’s take a look at Exit Rockaz’s net worth in 2022, how he makes his money and how he spends it. You will be surprised to learn that there is more to Exit than meets the eye.

What is Exit Rockaz's net worth?

Exit Rockaz, source: Instagram

Different online sources provide different values as Exit Rockaz's net worth although the most consistent value is between N$1 million and N$1.5 million.

He has accumulated this wealth through his music, businesses and brand partnerships deals.

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Exit Rockaz's music career

Exit Rockaz, source: Instagram

The self-proclaimed GOAT of Namibia’s Kwaito and Hip Hop began his music career while at university when he met and befriended Mushe.

The two bonded and started working together as a duo by the name Exit And Mushe. Their music which was a blend of Hip Hop and Kwaito was well-received and in no time the duo was sharing stages with big names in Namibia’s music scene like King Tee Dee, Gazza, Sunny Boy, and D-Naff, just to name a few, and winning awards.

In 2012, Exit and Mushe parted ways and Exit launched his solo career. Since going solo, Exit has produced at least five albums and a number of singles. He has collaborated with other big names, won multiple awards, gained lots of fans, and performed on big stages.

The money he has made from his talent and hard work as a musician alone has greatly contributed to Exit Rockaz’s net worth.

Exit Rockaz businesses

Exit's Rockaz, source: Instagram

Besides making money from his music career, Exit also has side ventures that bring him money and considers himself a silent entrepreneur.

As a businessman, Exit has invested in several sectors including the music production industry where he owns the Rockaz Production label, the media industry where he owns Racio media group and the fashion industry where he owns a fashion line called Rockaz clothing.

The money he earns from these businesses has contributed to Exit’s net worth.

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Exit cars and house

Exit Rockaz's car, source: Instagram

Exit Rockaz’s net worth affords him a comfortable life. It is unclear where the musician’s house is located or how massive it is since he has not shared any pictures yet.

The No Stress hitmaker loves fast cars and he drives a beautiful white Volvo V60. He also belongs to the Bikers Boys club and owns a motorcycle.

Exit Rockaz’s philanthropy

Besides working hard, earning big, and spending on himself, Exit Rockaz also has a generous heart and is big on giving back to the community.

Exit is an ambassador for Monica Gender Violence Solution which works with communities to educate them on human rights and promote non-violent solutions to conflicts as a way of reducing and eliminating gender-based violence.

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