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Rapper Esmeralda Garus-oas, better known as Ghetto Ballerina in music circles is currently pushing her music up to another level with a new single underway and an 11th track debut album.

Speaking to Nalebrity, the rapper and veterinarian said she has been busy in the studio recording new music and promised to drop the long-awaited album by August.

"I am currently busy relocating to a new city with work, but i have been recording and i can safely say that we almost close to releasing it," she said.

The album will be titled Chronicles of Ghetto Ballerina while the new single dropping end of May is titled Tai Kose.

She described her up and coming album as a 'cool and fun' project which aims to touch the hearts of those gifted with a lyrical mind and the entire nation.
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Ghetto Ballerina who's musical journey kicked off in Moscow, Russia a decade ago, further expresses her excitement to be releasing the album in Namibia.

On the Chronicles of Ghetto Ballerina album, she features Etjo and  many other emerging artists.

"I have worked with a few talented and upcoming artists on this album, because i believe we need to push each other either way. The producers that worked on the album are Kboz, Mamba and have plans to work with Sam E Lee Jones," she explained.

Apart from the album that she is currently pushing, the rapper had also dropped a sizzling track few months ago titled Grind topping different charts and playing on one of Africa's biggest music channel Trace Africa.

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