Elemotho Biography: Early Life, Career, Awards & Nominations, Philanthropy

From the Kalahari to the world.

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Elemotho R.G. Mosimane is a Namibian-born musician who composes, records and performs his own music.

“I like to paint a picture where chords are not just tangible but energy is felt and words carry a power beyond bullets and hunger” he said.

This is how he rose to fame.

Elemotho Early Life

Many wonder how Elomotho fell in love with music and he said it was all because of how he grew up. This also shaped the kind of music he wanted to make. 

“I grew up with storytelling around the fire and that has inspired me to create something that could make you dance as well as listen, smile as well as cry, find peace as well as wisdom”.

He began writing his own songs at the age of 17. 

Elemotho Career

The artist plays acoustic guitar and sings in his native tongue Setswana, English and other Namibian languages. Elemotho is known for holding concerts that draw in a large number of people as he has a way of delivering messages through his music.

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“I see myself as a performing artist and musical activist; I like to throw reality around, thus exploring the depth of the human spirit” he said.

Elemotho had his first major tour in Europe in 2007. “The main idea and beauty is certainly to get my music to other places other than my homeland, but I had been a traveller before I started touring," he told the Namibian Sun. His music has had a travel log of it's own. Even having his tracks make their way to Netflix's 'Frankie and Grace'.

He was joined by the local group Makgona Ngwao Cultural Troupe on parts of the tour and the aim was to expose the troupe to wider audiences on the European circuit.

Elemotho released the Album 'Beautiful World' which he  said was filled with hope and optimism for a sinking world. In 2020, he also released the single 'Home' which he said captured the longing for belonging and the desire to seek adventure.

His music has seen him perform across the globe in places such as Accra, Addis Ababa, Dakar, Antananarivo, Khartoum, France and Germany and this has widened his fan base as well.

Elemotho Awards & Nominations

His music has seen him perform on international stages with some of the greatest artists in the world and Elemotho over the years has received some accolades for that. 

2012 - Winner at the Afri-France 24 Discoveries Awards (Won)
2016 - Namibian Tourism Personality of the Year
2017 - Lifetime Achievement Award at the Namibia Annual Music Awards (Won)
2018 - Best World-Global Fusion Music Album 'Beautiful World' at the U.K One World Music Awards

Elemotho Philanthropy

Namibia is home to a lot of rhinos, but sadly has been ravaged by the disease of poaching. A number of celebrities, like Behati Prinsloo, have joined arms with the government to try and save their wildlife. 

In September 2016, Elemotho became a musical Ambassador for Save the Rhino Trust Namibia, composing and recording a song for them, as part of the Stand Together campaign. 

In 2020, together with Lioness and Suzy Eises they teamed up with the international organization Conservation Music and Earthsong to support the Cheetah Conservation Fund in its mission to save the wild Cheetah. 

Elemotho has carved a successful career for himself in Namibia, Africa and internationally as a musician committed to both personal and political song-writing. Elemotho’ as a name means ‘that which cannot be chased away’ and it seems his career is far from over.

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