Dr Sam Nujoma's Net Worth, Political Career, And Authorship

The founding father is enjoying his retirement

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Dr Sam Nujoma
Dr Samuel Shafiishuna Daniel Nujoma is the former president of Namibia and the founding father of the land of the brave having led the struggle for independence of Namibia and later serving as the country’s first president.

Here is a look at Dr. Sam Nujoma’s net worth, a summary of his political career, as well as his written works. What do you miss most about the former head of state’s presidency?

Dr Sam Nujoma’s net worth

According to several online sources, Sam Nujoma’s net worth is currently estimated at N$ 50 million earning him a spot on the list of the top ten richest politicians in Namibia.

Sam Nujoma’s political career

Dr Sam Nujoma, source: Facebook

Sam Nujoma’s net worth has mostly been accumulated through his successful political career that saw him serve as the head of state for 15 years.

In the late 1940s, Nujoma started working at  South African Railways (SAR) as a cleaner. His experience there gave him exposure to trade unions and the contract labour system which together with his increasing knowledge of the fight for independence in other African countries, influenced his political perspective.

In 1957, Sam Nujoma resigned from SAR to actively pursue his political ambitions. On 19th April 1959, Nujoma together with Jacob Kahangua formed the Ovamboland People's Organization (OPO) in Windhoek and during its first congress, he was elected as the president.

After South West African National Union (SWANU) was formed in 1959 as the umbrella group for all anti-colonial resistance groups, Nujoma joined as the executive representative for OPO.

In 1960, Nujoma went into exile in Tanzania (formerly Tanganyika.) With the help of the late Julius Nyerere, Nujoma received a passport and was given the forum to speak to the UN Committee in New York.

From Tanganyika, Nujoma travelled to Khartoum Sudan, then Accra Ghana where he met with other African nationalist leaders including Nkwameh Nkurumah of Ghana, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt and Patrice Lumumba of the DRC during the All African People's Conference.With the help of Nkurumah, Nujoma traveled to the US and later Liberia where a case on South West Africa was being presented to the ICC.

In 1960, Sam Nujoma’s OPO broke away from SWANU and formed the SWAPO party and Nujoma was elected as its president in absentia.
Nujoma would remain in exile for the next 29 years where he continued to lobby for international support and mobilized and organized armed resistance through SWAPO’s military wing-  People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) which was formerly known as SWALA.

In 1989, Nujoma finally returned to Namibia from exile and was elected as the first president of Namibia in the UN-supervised election that was held in November 1989. 

He was sworn in as the first president of the Republic of Namibia on 21 March 1990, and he served for three terms until 2005.

Sam Nujoma the author

Sam Nujoma's autobiography, source: Twitter

Besides being a seasoned politician, Dr Sam Nujoma is also a seasoned author. In 2001, he published his first book- an autobiography titled Where Others Wavered.

A fair share of Sam Nujoma’s net worth has been accumulated from the royalties of his autobiography.

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