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The art of being a disk jockey is one that has to be mastered with so much preciseness. A DJ does not go into a club to play music music that is widely known, but they have to play what the people haven't heard before and they have to make sure the people love it.

These DJs in Namibia have shown nothing, but resilience as they take their passion seriously. They want to keep that momentum and  even reach for greater heights.

Let's have a look at some of Namibia's fave DJs. 

DJ Seboa

DJ Seboa started her djing career at the Copper Festival in Tsumeb when she toured with different DJs. She is hard at work moulding a space for herself within the local music scene and there is no stopping her.
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Born Abigail Rietz, Seboa's parents wanted to see their child have a bright future, but at the time had no resources to raise her in Windhoek. She was then taken to her aunt who at the time stayed in  Gibeon, in the Hardab region to live with her.

Today, Seboa is one of the most celebrated DJs in the country, who has nothing, but so much appreciation for spinning the decks. From a very young age she has appreciated what music can do and she has taken that and put it in her works as a DJ.

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Apart from being a DJ, Seboa is also a musician in her own right. She has released tracks which have been great hits. She released Deeper featuring DJ Bobs and Just the 2 of Us featuring DJ KFC. DJ Seboa also released  What Are We which saw her land the number one spot on iTunes Namibia and this made her the first Namibian DJ to hit those heights.
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DJ Seboa wants to go big with her talents and she sees herself being the creator of universe records. Go Girl!!!
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DJ Sergio

So who is DJ Sergio?

One of Namibia’s well known Djs, Dj Sergio with 20 year’s experience in the making!  Known for his passion for music at Club London, Big Fat Pool Party, Colour Party.

Dj Sergio was born on 8 September 1979, in a little Portuguese island in Madeira called Caniço. Not long after he was born, his family moved to South Africa where he spent a good part of his youth. At the age of six, he already showed a strong interest in music. He frankly admitted that music had always been part of his life and it had always been there.

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It all started when DJ Sergio was around the age of 16 years old and they moved to Namibia where he realized his dreams and love for Djing. He was quite determined to pursue a career in being a DJ and nothing was going to stop him. 

“I remember on the last few days of school whenever there was an opportunity I would take out my portable radio and entertain my school mates with the latest music of that time.” Says Dj Sergio when asked about his school days.

His ever-growing success ranges not only from the younger clubbing generation but also to the older more mature crowd.  With 20 years of experience, it is no surprise that all who hear him play immediately become a fan of his work.

This what DJ Sergio had to say about being a DJ:

“Being a DJ is not just about being in tune with the music and latest technology” says Sergio.  “It’s about being in tune with the crowd and being flexible to all genres of music.”  You name it!  This is definitely a master of versatility and wisdom!  “You have to really love what you do!” 
Well, he sure loves to spin those decks.

DJ Alba Nalo

DJ Alba Nalo is a DJ and producer based in Windhoek who kick started her career in 2012. With 8 years of DJ experience she is considered one of Namibia's first commercially successful female DJs. Her real name is Alba Hamukwaya.

She started taking deejaying seriously after she co-hosted a late-night mix show in 2012. She then went on to win a DJ competition hosted by 99FM and Amarula in 2014, she later went on to win the first all female deejay battle.
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Sometime in her career in 2018, she was selected to be a mentor DJ for an all female DJ workshop held in Zambia with Modzi Arts in collaboration with the British council.

She got to release her first single in 2019 and it was quite the hit at all her gigs.
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DJ Alba has also partnered up with DJ Maggz where the two have join forces on gigs. The two are a force to be reckoned with as they also always encourage other females to take up the djing.
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Not only is DJ Alba good at spinning the decks, but she has tapped into another market of creating accessories for the multitude of fashion lovers launching a new line titled ‘Empress’.
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Inspired to create items that are unique, whilst also adding her own personal flare, her business brand House of Nalo launched the Empress line on the 30th of April which includes female earrings with an African touch.
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She briefly described the new handmade line as a Namibian earring collection that has been inspired by royalty, African queens, Namibian and African Map and the Oshiwambo traditional attire named ‘Odelela’.


With over 8 years of experience in the music industry, DJ KR4NKY is one of Namibia’s finest DJ’s. In 2009 he finished a professional DJ coarse in the UK (London) at point blank college where he honed in and perfected his talent . After returning home his DJ career began and took shape.

He has performed at Club Zanzibar, Club Bliss, Club London and Club Vibe and apart from his top residencies he has featured and performed at other clubs around the capital such as, Monaco lounge, Chez VIP, Cheers lounge and D Club and at the coast, Gruniez, Eclipse, Tiger Reef and futher up the coast, Velvet Lounge.

With such diversity in his sets with genres like, dubstep, trap, hip-hop and afro house, KR4NKY can cater for almost any crowd. His prefered speciality and genres are Deep, Tech and Future House, Electro and Commercial house. KR4NKY has become a household name, yet he is still learning according to him and will continue to grow.

There's nothing as good as good music and getting to turn up on the weekends with your friends. These DJs just keep giving the fans what they want and for they get a thumbs up.

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