DJ Castro Is Making Us Proud With His Charity Work

He Has Been Working Relentlessly To Give Back To The People

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DJ Castro shared a recent newspaper clipping talking about all the work he has been doing with his charity. Castro who spoke to The Namibian, talks about the work the charity has done in the past year for all those in need. 

He has been helping the needy since 2017 through his charity and we are proud to see all that he has accomplished. Giving back to those that really need our help says a lot about one’s character.
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It is safe to say that DJ Castro falls under the category of people that realize the need to help those less fortunate than us and actually help them out. Most people, despite knowing the assistance that others require, choose to sit back in silence and do nothing about it. 

It is important to give back and DJ Castro’s post has also motivated us to do the same. He has been making a massive difference in the lives of those that he been helping for the past three to four years. 

DJ Castro is one of the best DJs Namibia has seen. He certainly knows how to put on a show and has exciting new projects coming up that his fans are eager to know about. Being successful in his career, he has made sure to focus on giving back as well.

His charity project Let’s Unite was founded in 2017 and has been focusing on helping the less fortunate children gain a proper education to help them improve their lives. The charity has been focusing on orphans and vulnerable children, providing them with essentials that will help make their lives better. 

The idea for the charity goes back to when the artist met a needy child from the Otjiwarongo Multi-Purpose Help Centre. After helping out the little girl, he did some research and found that they were many such children who needed help. Believing that each of those children has a bright future ahead and wanting to help them achieve that, he kickstarted the Let’s Unite project, an event that helps raise funds for the charity. 

Having been cancelled due to Covid-19, the Let’s Unite project is going to be scheduled again this year. The annual festival that was unable to take place last year is back in 2021 to help all the kids in need. 

DJ Castro says that he has some exciting artists lined up for the festival and that he hopes it is as successful as the previous ones. Covid-19 had prevented the festival from happening last year but DJ Castro is hopeful that in February 2021 he will be able to host the festival. 

His post has motivated a lot of people to donate to charities and help out the less fortunate as well. People have been praising him for his work and have decided that they too would like to make a difference in someone’s life. 

With the caption ‘If you see me less, I’m doing more’ DJ Castro has proved once again that he is a great artist but a better man. The article will bring his project more attention and we hope that the festival brings in as much as it can to help out the children. 

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