DJ Castro Advice Artists To Learn To Save Money

This is as the outbreak of Covid-19 has hit hard on the pockets of artists.

By  | May 19, 2020, 06:52 PM  | DJ Castro  | Top of The

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We are living in some tough and changing times, who would have thought in 2020 there will be an outbreak of coronavirus, resulting in a series of lockdown across the world. During these tough trying times, some of the people who are affected are artists.

Their gigs have been cancelled and postponed, so they don't have any flow of income streaming in, but DJ Castro has advised most of them to be financially savvy.

The entertainment industry is known to be quite unstable and unpredictable. Jobs are usually few and far between, whereby creative practitioners are often compelled to diversify their talents and keep the gates of income streams open.

But with the current lockdown, there is nothing they can do we are all grounded.

In a tweet, the DJ said "It’s a lesson for the entertainment industry, I know nobody will put it out there because we give off a flashy lifestyle and don’t wanna be seen struggling! The truth is we must start SAVING UP. We might go for 2 months without gigs. How do we survive? Be smart and learn now."
The DJ recently released a single featuring Don Makati and many have been jamming to it.
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