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She's the top female DJ.

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Namibia’s multitalented first female deejay Alba Hamukwaya is a force to be reckoned with. DJ Alba Nalo has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and amassed a huge following as well. She's not just a DJ, but an entrepreneur as well.

The Dj has enjoyed a solid career in the industry and broaden her horizons by venturing into business. She has dominated the fickle entertainment industry in Namibia. From giving her legions of fans across Namibia a taste of her Djing her brand has been impeccably received by many.

Here's how she made it to the top. 

DJ Alba Nalo Age

DJ Alba Nalo was born on 25 October, 1994. She is 26 years old.

DJ Alba Nalo Early Life

She was born in the north of Namibia at a village called Oikango which is near Ongwediva. However, she later moved to Henties Bay with her father for her primary education, and later to Swakopmund where she completed high school.

DJ Alba Nalo Career

The award-winning DJ started off her career as early as 2012 with fellow AfroBerry DJ Maggz when being female and a DJ could hardly be mentioned in the same sentence.

She once said that she's an introvert and many wonder how she fell in love with music.

"The love for music got me here, I loved singing but because I was so shy I found  it very hard to sing in front of people, but I’m actually getting out of it, I think DJing in front of crowds helped a lot and it was the only way I felt I could express myself through music." she said.

She went on to win a DJ competition hosted by CFMM-FM and Amarula in 2014, she later went on to win the first all-female deejay battle. In 2017, Alba was able to release an appreciation mix. DJ Alba Nalo had her debut single, Cymatix', released in 2019 which she produced herself with DJ Kbozz.

In collaboration with Don Kamati and King Elegant, the DJ released another dope track the same year which even stayed for 11 weeks on the charts as well.

DJ Alba Nalo Awards & Nominations

She is one of the few dedicated and first female DJs in Namibia to head the male-dominated industry. With her hard work she's received some recognition and below is a list of some of the awards and nominations she's received: 

2018 - Favourite DJ at the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards (Nominated)
2018 - Favourite Accessories Designer at the Simply You Magazine Lifestyle and Fashion Awards (Nominated)
2019 - Second place in the Oshikandela NMLO Challenge (Won)
2019 - Best DJ in the World and Africa on the DJanes List (Nominated)

DJ Alba Nalo Business

In late 2016, House of Nalo was born and this was after Alba had been retrenched from her 8-5 job. She said that people always admired her accessories as she used to make them herself. With that admiration came the idea that she could make this into something bigger and she launched the business in 2018. 

Alba Hamukwaya has proven herself in the field of turning the decks and has tapped into another market of creating accessories for the multitude of fashion lovers launching a new line titled β€˜Empress’.

Inspired to create items that are unique, whilst also adding her own personal flare, her business brand House of Nalo launched the Empress line in 2019 which includes female earrings with an African touch.

β€œI created empress because I wanted the ladies to feel included, I have noticed that through all my sales majority of my clients are male and when a female makes a purchase it is rather a gift to their boyfriend,” she explained.

β€œI did research on African queens like Egypt Nefertiti and Queen Nandi and imagined what earrings they would have worn. At the time I didn’t have a name until one of my instagram followers randomly commented on one of my pictures saying Empress and that is when I decided to name it that,” she said.

DJ Alba hopes the business grows and expands to the point of generating enough revenue and eventually creating a platform for others to be employed under it.

To date, DJ Alba who is the founder of House of Nalo and hit maker of Cymatix has gone as far as Zambia with the British Council on a workshop to inspire and share her skills and knowledge with aspiring female DJs. She has also hosted her own workshop locally as well as a collaborated one with award-winning and hit producer Sam E Lee Jones.

The Dj is the epitome of hard work pays off and her rise to stardom has been coupled by hurdles but she has grown in leaps and bounds and conquered her dream of becoming an all-round entrepreneur.

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