No More Alcohol For Dillish? Think Again!

She is back like she never left!

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 02:29 PM  | Dillish Mathews  | Top of the

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It was not that long ago when media personality Dillish Mathews took to her Instagram to announce that she had stopped taking beer and that tea was her new beverage of course. 

Many of course could not believe that Dillish was really serious about quitting alcohol and while they supported her decision, it seems that Dillish is back to taking beer after all! 

This is after she took to her Insta stories recently to announce that she is back to drinking beer again, the reason she says is because her stomach looks much better and that sheโ€™ll still keep drinking her tea. 

Namibiaโ€™s favorite girl is definitely back to her old fun self so just in case you spot her with a glass of beer, donโ€™t be too shocked. 

Knowing her, Dillish has always been clear about going after the things she loves and we already know she loves enjoying a good meal with her loved ones so nothing much has changed anyway.


Dillish is not the only celebrity to announce that she would not be taking a pause when it comes to alcohol. Social media influencer Sendry, has also made it quite clear that she is off any alcoholic beverages. 

At the time, many were not sure why seeing as the news of her pregnancy was not yet known to many but we can only imagine that even despite being pregnant, she is becoming more and more conscious about her health. 

So far, Sendry has been having her fans in their feels with how well motherhood seems to be treating her. 

Never does a day go by without her sharing the cute moments she is having a cute mommy and daughter moment and we love to see that she is enjoying every bit of it. 

This especially after she had a somewhat tough pregnancy more so as a first time mom. Speaking of her experience, Sendry said, "Pregnancy and what women go through during that period is no joke and that right there is real womanhood. 

"I love and appreciate my mom way more than I ever did and I thank God for her raising me into such a wonderful woman. I will forever be grateful and I will forever treasure and respect her, no matter what, you are a true hero"

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