Is Dillish Mathews Shading Her Ex Emmanuel Adebayor?

She has reignited his "Comedienne" comment

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There is never a dull moment with Dilish Mathews. The media personality has reignited her former bae's comment Emmanuel Adebayor's, who shaded her on Instagram.

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This follows their recent breakup which left many shooketh to the core. After news broke that the pair had called it quits, the soccer star revealed that he did not want to marry a comedienne.

This follows after Emmanuel Adebayor posted a snap of his alleged new bae on Instagram, with the caption "SEA, keep distracting us with the look." An Instagram user commented on the snap and said Dillish is more beautiful than the girl and she has a great sense of humor, hoping they will rekindle their love again. Emmanuel responded and said "I do not want to mary comedienne,"

Now let's jog your memory a bit, Dillish recently posted a series of videos on her Instagram account, advising females to not lose sight of their men this December.

"Listen here ladies we all know it's December now, and you know how other guys do us they say they are going to the carwash on Saturday morning then they only come on Tuesday. I have many friends whose boyfriends went to the car wash last December until now and they are not home. If you are in a relationship this is the time where your partner always shows their true colors so I just wanna tell you to wake,"
she said

She further told ladies that if their men go somewhere then they must follow them.

"If he says he says go to the car better follow him, don't be dumb this December, as for me I'm single this December I thought a little bit smarter because I'm tired of all these people always making a fool of me so ladies be careful this December watch your men and those ladies who sit on our men's lap stop it,"
she said.

Following that video, the star shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp message she received from someone, who was commenting on her recent videos directed at women, describing it as hilarious.

Dillish said next year she thinks she wants to be a comedienne using Emmanuel Adebayor's comment, followed by laugh emojis, is she throwing shade at him.
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