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She Seems To Have More Than One Secret Admirer

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Dillish Mathews has been regularly receiving gifts from her secret admirer. This comes as news to no one as the beauty has been keeping us all updating by posting videos on her Instagram story about the gifts she receives.

Valentine’s Day may be over but she has not stopped receiving gifts. 

Dillish's Instagram Story

Dillish has been quite open about all the gifts she has gotten from her so-called secret admirer but if she knows who he actually is, she has kept his identity hidden. She claims to not know who has been spoiling her with all these gifts but fans have become skeptical about how true that is.

Fans and followers believe that she knows the identity of this ‘secret admirer’ but has refused to make it public. She started receiving gifts shortly after her messy breakup with Emmanuel Adebayor, the snarky remarks between the two not seeming to end. 

Since her breakup, Dillish has made it quite clear that she is single. Though there have been doubts from fans and friends, Dillish has clarified her relationship status as single and telling people to not keep up with her.

She also made it clear that was spending Valentine’s Day alone. She released two TikTok videos, both amusing the viewers. One was a video in which she pretended to be sad about the lack of a lover to spend Valentine’s with.

The other video was of her and her pretend boyfriend where she subtly spoke about the qualities she is looking for in a man. Though she stated that she is single and would be spending the day alone, fans have their doubts. 

Dillish has been receiving gifts from a secret admirer for a while now. She two beautiful bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of a hundred roses along with a letter from her secret admirer, and the most extravagant gift of all, a gorgeous new diamond necklace

This is not all! For Valentine’s Day, she received a bouquet of flowers and the latest iPhone model with a blank note. We thought that she had received all the gifts she was meant to but the star seems to have an international secret admirer.

She posted an Instagram story of her receiving more gifts for Valentine’s Day. She herself seems shocked as she states that she thought the day was over. She can be seen receiving a heart-shaped cake with her name on it and a gorgeous bouquet of white roses with red roses in the middle. 

She jokingly states that the gifts better be from her husband. She mentions that the gifts are from someone international but she doesn’t reveal who it is. She posted a video later of the gifts with the caption “Thank you ‘black Jesus’” followed by “From West Africa with love”.

Dillish's Instagram Story

Her post has got us all wondering who the sender could be and whether Dillish has multiple secret admirers sending her gifts. The star seems very thankful for the new set of gifts and jokes about those who did not send her any gift.

She states that whoever missed out on Valentine’s Day can send her gifts for Mother’s Day. Though she said that she is not a mother, her previous posts have raised some eyebrows. She posted a picture of a pregnancy calendar and later hinted at possibly being pregnant on her Instagram story. 

Whether Dillish is a mommy to be or has her eyes set on a certain someone is a secret that only she knows. 

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