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Namibian beauty, Dillish Matthews sets on another adventure

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Adventure awaits the Influencer and brand ambassador Dillish Matthews who asked her followers to correctly guess which country she plans on visiting next. The model and businesswoman just arrived from a trip to South Africa, the Motherland and it looks like she had a pleasant stay. 
Former Big Brother Africa housemate Dillish Matthews keeps on ticking the countries she wants to visit off her list. Just recently she jetted off to South Africa where it was a mix of business and pleasure. 
Dillish has always been a sucker for new spaces and people. Her recent trip was in France where she gave the French a show with her killer body. 
"Day 2 in the South of France! Loving every moment of my vacation," Dillish captioned her video clip. 
Dillish regularly takes solo vacations when she wants to. Her vacation before that she was in Dubai and she went alone.
Dillish's nemesis Meriam Kaxuxwena is probably Namibia's biggest globetrotter. She is a famous model who works with various celebrities. 
There was a bit of drama surrounding Meriams name, but doesn’t she always. In this year alone she has fought ith Toxic Gold, and even Julia Bosslady. 
She was forced to reveal who she is currently seeing after an influencer asked her an offensive question. 
"And no he is not my ex we still together! We just have that relationship where by we can both cheat on each other but in secret! He loves me so much more than all you girls that he is playing with because he got no choice I'm far away when he's with you he only thinks of me ask the girls he's busy with all h3 talk about is me," wrote Meriam.
The Influencer apologised to Meriam but the damage had already been done. "First of all we don't know each other and we never spoke before or ever commented anything nice on my pics. You don't know if I've ever had him as my person so I'm just wondering also why you only replying to my answer after one full day. Or you were busy laughing at my response with your friends for your to come reply after one day while you been online all day. I don't understand females at all, " she lashed out. 
"I honestly meant no harm or anything. I recall wanted to actually video call so I ask you face to face rather… from my view, we follow each other because we probably like the content posted. We had a small chat on my live and from that I just felt good with you and then you DMed me when you were here but that didn't go far. I really just wanted the 411 about him and I'm sorry I asked you."
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