Dillish Mathews Reveals Who She Will Marry

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Dillish Mathews has been fuelling romance rumors with her expensive gifts from her secret admirers, but she has openly declared that she is single however her fans suspect there is more than meets the eye.

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In an Instagram story, the media personality revealed who she wants to marry. Dillish is known for being a straight-talker and she doesn't mind spilling the tea on anything that involves her life and that she wants us to her.

The media star said she would marry a white man when she gets married, has she found herself a man yet?

Dillish has also been receiving many gifts from her secret admirers who are showering her with expensive items. A few of them being two beautiful bouquets of flowers for Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of a hundred roses along with a letter from her secret admirer, and the most extravagant gift of all, a gorgeous new diamond necklace.

In a story that she recently posted, she was heard saying that she had a ‘small problem’. She went on to explain claiming that she had no tolerance for sugary foods but had recently been craving sugar.

She then, in what seemed to be in a joking manner, exclaimed and wondered out loud the possibility of her being pregnant. Dillish seemed quite conflicted as she said that she hoped she was not pregnant but immediately contradicted herself and hoped that she was. She then ended the video leaving us as confused as she seemed to be feeling.

She had once also posted a picture of a week by week pregnancy calendar on her story. Captioning this picture with the number 8 followed by an emoji with heart eyes. She said, “I am not pregnant yet, just practicing for the future."

This has all been leaving fans confused on whether she has found love or she is still a singleton but only time can tell. Dillish is no stranger to heartbreak though. She and her ex-boyfriend Emmanuel Adebayor broke up last year but their story did not end there. The two were at each other’s throats quite often even after the break-up.

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