Dillish Mathews In Awe Over Her Beauty

Aren't we all, Dillish

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Whenever we mention a fine babe, Dillish Mathews always comes to mind. The Namibian influencer is one gorgeous hun and she knows it. She just made a shocking discovery that her supporters have been in the know of - and that is, she is a very beautiful woman.

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Nam's favourite influencer Dillish was out and about doing her usual gigs and upon resting, she realised how fine she really is. We can't blame her though, she is really absolutely gorgeous. 

"When did I become so fine please? Or have I always been?" 

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Dillish is not only beauty but she has brains to offer as well. She is a very smart businesswoman who owns various successful ventures like a cosmetics business ‘Dillish by Vault’ and also a ice cubes business - ‘Dillish Cool Cubes.’ Not only that but she is also a Psychology graduate as well.

One thing about Dillish she is all for women taking care of themselves. She encouraged other Queens to take care of themselves.

"Work on things people can’t take away from you. Things like your mindset, character, personality and your entire wellbeing. Take care of yourself."

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Dillish has become a single woman who is ready to dip her toes into the dating pool. "For all the men who have tried to play me since I’ve become single… hope you don’t sleep well ever again.”

But in all that she does, she has actually decided to get herself a gun for her protection. This was after there were numerous break ins in her house and neighbourhood. 

It was the police who advised her that she needs to get a gun, "They told me to get a firearm, so I did. Gun license approved. My gun is here, don't worry, this is for self-defense purposes, and I feel good.

"I am the man and the woman of this house, so break into my house when I am not here, that's fine. Break into my house, and I am here, sir you gonna meet your creator, you going up to the third flow so yah it makes me feel good and it's just for self-defense purposes. Yeah, growing up is crazy at least it is done and dusted," she wrote.

The last time that happened, she said she was not home, "They broke into my house again this month. Luckily I was not home again. The police told me it gets worse, therefore, I bought a gun. Take care ladies."

"Every day someone gets raped or killed. I don't want to become a statistic. So I took a step finally after thinking about it for years since I was 27. If you would like to know what the steps are you can go to the police station, and they can tell you," she said.

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