Dillish Mathews' Cars - German Machines For Her Only

Volkswagens and Volkswagens

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Dillish Mathews, Dillish
Dillish Mathews is one of the most popular celebrities from Namibia whose fame is recognized beyond the borders of Namibia.

The 31-year-old star came to the limelight less than ten years ago and in that short time, she has grown tremendously to become one of the most famous personalities in our limelight today.

One thing that we all love about homegirl is that she truly works really hard and takes her work seriously. Since winning Big Brother in 2013, Dillish has grown her CV and she currently balances careers as an actress, a businesswoman, a model, and an influencer.

But while she is not working hard to secure the bag, Dillish also knows how to unwind and spend her hard-earned dollars and she has a thing for exotic vacations and German cars.

Here is a look at a few of Dillish’s cars, her dream car, and her car business. We think that German machines fit Dillish Mathews perfectly, what do you think?

The Volkswagen birthday gift 

One of Dillish Mathews' cars, source: bellanaija

After winning the BBA season eight in 2013, Dillish Mathews walked away with millions in her bag and a newly found international fame. For her 23rd birthday later on in the year, Dillish Mathew’s boo at the time who was called Stephen Gaeseb bought the reality star a beautiful blue Volkswagen.

This particular Dillish’s car was highly publicized and sis obviously trended for days. While we admired the couple’s relationship goals and even thought that the couple’s relationship was solid. That, as time proved to us, was not the case.

Stephen and Dillish broke up a couple of months later and it’s not clear if Dillish Mathews kept her car or if she returned it to her ex-boo.

Volkswagen Golf R

Dillish's cars, Volkswagen R, source: Instagram

One of Dillish’s cars that she is often seen driving around in is a beautiful black Volkswagen R.

Described as a supercar for mature driving enthusiasts, the Volkswagen R runs on a 2.0-litre inline-four-cylinder engine, producing 315 horsepower, and can accelerate from 0 to 96.6km h in just 4 seconds.

A new Volkswagen Golf R goes for not less than N$ 771 900 market price, but we think it’s worth every cent.

Black Audi

A few unverified reports indicate that another one of Dillish’s cars is a black Audi and although we think that Dillish would look great in a solid black Audi, we refrain from claiming that she owns it until we verify that it’s indeed true.

What is Dillish Mathews’ dream car?

Although Dillish Mathews has a soft spot for German machines and has so far been seen in Volkswagens, it appears that sis has a dream of owning something more luxurious from Italy.

Dillish's dream car is a Lamborghini and we hope to see her drive one someday and we believe she will.

Dillish Mathews car business

Dillish's car, source: Instagram

Taking her love for machines to the next level and turning her passion into a money-making venture, in 2020, Dillish launched DillishCars.com which is an online marketplace for car dealers and buyers to sell and buy both new and used cars.

The website offers thousands of cars with different brands, models, and price ranges for a buyer to choose from.

It is available to users all over Namibia and users can also access its services through its app version on Google Play and App Store.

Have you ever used Dillish Cars to buy or sell your car? How was your experience?

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