Dillish Gets A New Job!

Congrats on the new business venture

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Dillish Mathews has scored herself a new gig! The entrepreneur and media darling shared the good news on her social media.

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Sharing a video of her signing her new documents for the new job she just bagged, Dillish revealed that she is excited about this new job opportunity. Dillish will be working with a company called African Deli, which is a traditional foods company, serving 5-hour foods, within 5 minutes.

"Super excited for the new job I got today! Thank you so much @africandeli for entrusting me with this task. Proudly your new brand ambassador. Let’s go!" she said.

She received a lot of congratulatory messages from people sending positivity her way.

Dillish has worked with various companies
, including a slimming tea called Vina Divina tea, Huawei for their Y9 Prime 2019, a user-generated app called Ogélle app, Nivea, and several make-up brands and fashion lines.

Dillish bagged herself a boyfriend a few years ago but her moment got turned into a cheating scandal. She quickly clarified everything on social media and said, “It is really none of your business, but I’ll like to make it clear; nobody cheated, please. I left because I got tired of the way I was being humiliated by him on the internet.”

On her love life she said, "For all the men who have tried to play me since I’ve become single… hope you don’t sleep well ever again.”

But one thing we cannot doubt is Dillish's beauty. She recently gushed over her beauty when she said, "When did I become so fine please? Or have I always been?"

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Dillish might have beauty like no other, but she has brains to offer as well. She is a very smart businesswoman who owns various successful ventures like a cosmetics business ‘Dillish by Vault’ and also an ice cubes business - ‘Dillish Cool Cubes.’ Not only that but she is also a Psychology graduate as well.

She also encourages women to be safe and strong at all times. To protect herself she had to get a gun. 

"They told me to get a firearm, so I did. Gun license approved. My gun is here, don't worry, this is for self-defense purposes, and I feel good," she said adding that her home got broken into. 

"I am the man and the woman of this house, so break into my house when I am not here, that's fine. Break into my house, and I am here, sir you gonna meet your creator, you going up to the third flow so yah it makes me feel good and it's just for self-defense purposes. Yeah, growing up is crazy at least it is done and dusted," she wrote.

The last time that happened, she said she was not home, "They broke into my house again this month. Luckily I was not home again. The police told me it gets worse, therefore, I bought a gun. Take care ladies."

"Every day someone gets raped or killed. I don't want to become a statistic. So I took a step finally after thinking about it for years since I was 27. If you would like to know what the steps are you can go to the police station, and they can tell you," she said.

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