Will Exit Collaborate On His Next Album Too?

People Can’t Seem To Get Enough Of Him After Die Hele Box

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Exit Rockaz recently mentioned that people are wanting to collaborate with him after the success of Die Hele Box. He took to Twitter to let us all know that fellow artists had been reaching out to him and wanting to collaborate. 

His new album Die Hele Box had been a huge success. From the moment it released, people had been walking about it non-stop, complementing the artists on what an amazing job they did. 

The album was being talked about all over social media and the songs on the album were being sold at the speed of light. Each song was being sold for N $3,00 and in just a day’s time, the album has made N $100000. 

The trio, Exit, DJ Kboz, and Samuel Ngodji, had been promoting their collaboration on social media and after the album’s release, it is safe to say that it was definitely worth the hype. People fell in love with the album instantly and their hard work paid off. 

Fans and fellow artists congratulated the trio. Some took extra efforts to make their support known. DJ Kboz posted a video of him celebrating the success while popping open a bottle as one of the people he thanks is Top Cheri, who can also be seen in the video. 

Exit also posted a screenshot of his chats with Meriam Kaxuxwena. She messaged him to tell him that she purchased all the songs in the album and was listening to it in Miami. The gorgeous model complimented the three of them, calling them stars. 

Fans also showed their love and support as #DieHeleBox was a part of almost every tweet and people were talking about how much they loved each song. However, every success story has some drama behind it.

Exit and DJ Kboz are not the best of friends. They also made this clear while at the same time showing their appreciation for one another. Exit wrote ‘I just wanna publicly apologize for being an asshole the other day 😂😂 I love you so much, your work is officially archived for life. Thank you for putting your heart and soul in #diehelebox’. To this DJ Kboz retaliated telling him that he hated Exit but loved him too. 

Exit also recently lost his cool on Twitter as he ranted about the songs being leaked on YouTube. He posted a screenshot of YouTube channels that leaked his entire album and expressed his anger and frustration on the same. 

Despite these minor setbacks, the album has been doing extremely well and has received amazing feedback from everyone. The team has started to release the songs’ music videos as well, which has got all the fans super excited. 

The first music video Exit plans on releasing is for the song Thunder Thighs. He decided to tweet and get the opinions of followers and fans on what visuals should be. They were all for incorporating the title of the song into the video, and not holding back.

We cannot wait to see how the release of this video goes and whether Exit agrees to another collaboration. Calling himself a trendsetter, he seems amused at this recent development but has not rejected the idea yet.

To see Exit collab with another will be interesting. Whether it will be a hit or a miss is another discussion for the future but we are all waiting for him to say more on the matter. 

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