Tweeps Come For Exit After He Puts King Tee Dee On Blast

They are not holding back

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Exit Rockaz has come for King Tee Dee for going to the gym instead of dropping his long awaited album. The rapper was just pulling King Tee Dee's leg obviously but some people are not vibing with what he said.

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Exit took to Twitter to say, "I really don’t understand my brother @KINGTEEDEE3545 and the Gym moves, people go there to lose weight and s*** WTF are you tryna’ lose? Your fakin’ life???? #TheSilence"

A number of tweeps came for him and made sure that Exit knew what he was saying was not appreciated. These were some of the reactions:

"You start again , it was just now when you give us weak rapped songs, can you just go back to studio to sing Microphone your Kwaito?"

"Your rapping skills need to go to the gym too"

"Its so shameful for such a person to be feeding the internet with senseless scripts .that shows lack of knowledge. Who told you gym is only for missing weight ????There are numerous reasons people join a gym. For some of us, it's about packing on muscle to improve strength"

Seeing that this was getting out of hand, King Tee Dee came to his defence and told his fans that Exit was merely joking.

But that was before he also dropped a clapback, he said, "Be inspired!!! You know you are inspired and soon you will follow!!"

Some fans caught on and saw that these two are just teasing each other, there is really nothing more to it.

"Two celebrity friends @ExitRockaz & @KINGTEEDEE3545 outch here  teasing each other and you fans are seriously catching?? Am like WTF  get yourself a #silence"

"It's funny how musicians keep the consistency by doing such, we(fans) be ouchea thinking it's personal.... It's heathy violence my people... Tangi"

"You guy’s mahn… nothing serious here its just a teaser"

It definitely does seem like some Namibians lack sense of humor because these two are definitely just playing with each other.

King Tee Dee has been hard at work preparing for his album release.

A few weeks ago, Exit took to Twitter to gush about fatherhood. The musician has become one of the country's most loved musicians and he never ceases o amaze his followers.

Despite the busy schedule that he has which usually spans throughout the year, Exit does not shy away from celebrating or showing love to those who are close to his heart. It would seem that he does not have much time for his family, but he is a hands-on dad, and seeing him enjoying fatherhood leaves us inspired.

The musician shared a picture of him standing next to his two girls and captioned it "Nothing better than a Father that Loves You!.' The picture melted the hearts of many people who took to the comments section to compliment his daughters and him.

Exit is one of the country's coolest celebrity dads. Last year he received backlash on social media after he posted a birthday shoutout to his daughter Maria Lisa Shikalepo on Twitter.

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