Exit Loses His Cool On Twitter

He Gets Mad At Those Leaking His New Album

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Exit recently went on a Twitter rant to shame on those that leaked his album on YouTube. He seems really riled up that the new songs have been released on YouTube by two different accounts without his permission.

Exit, DJ Kboz, and Samuel Ngodji are the creative minds behind their new album Die Hele Box that released just a few days ago. The album has garnered huge success in a matter of days and the trio could not be happier.

The three have been posting updates about the album and how well it has been doing on their social media pages. They have let fans and supporters know how grateful they are that the album took off in such a short amount of time. 

The three of them have been working hard to get this album released, partnering up with Living The Dream records. The album received a lot of love and appreciation from fans and fellow artists. 

Each of the fourteen songs the album contained was being sold for N$3,00 and they managed to make N$100000 in less than 24 hours after the album’s release. DJ Kboz, a strong believer of team effort, has been posting his appreciation for the success of the album on his social media pages. 

Exit Rockaz has also been very open about his appreciation towards those that helped make this album a huge success. Giving a special thanks to DJ Kboz, he mentioned in a post ‘I just wanna publicly apologize for being an asshole the other day 😂😂 I love you so much, your work is officially archived for life. Thank you for putting your heart and soul in #diehelebox’.

DJ Kboz retaliated by posting a video with the caption thanking his friends and giving a special mention to Exit by stating ‘I hate you but I love you too’ followed by three laughing emojis. The love-hate relationship is strong with these two!

Exit also took the time to mention the beautiful Meriam Kaxuxwena who bought all the songs in the album the moment they were released. The model, currently living her best life in Miami, was sure to send her compliments. 

All the fans have also taken to social media to let the trio know that they absolutely loved the album. It has received amazing feedback in a short amount of time and has been the talk of the town.

However, it's not been all good. Exit exclaimed his frustrations on Twitter upon seeing YouTube channels releasing the album free of cost without his permission. Most artists face this situation of their music being leaked.

This has happened time and again and frustrates the artists each time. Exit tweeted ‘Man. These YouTube channels that have and are uploading the whole #DieHeleBox album are a nuisance. Let's report them please. Please.’ with screenshots of those channels that did this.

He then quoted this tweet and stated ‘He is a step into the wrong direction. I will make it my mission to arrest he’s Punk ass. My videos can have 600,000 views and he will have one with 500,000 views as well, meaning I’m a million something views worthy. but stolen by him. I’ll get him! Just watch.’

Yikes! Exit seems to be really agitated with the situation. 

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