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Exit is a celebrated musician known for Kwaito and Hip Hop

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David Shikapelo popularly known as Exit is a multi-talented Kwaito musician who transitioned into Hip Hop and created an entirely new genre. He is a celebrated artist in the country yet he seems to rub other artists the wrong way.
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He always urges artists to remain intact as the journey to the mainstream realm isn't usually the easiest one.

"There is no substitute for hard work. If you are passionate about something and you are willing to put in the hard work that comes with the territory, then go for it!."

Here is the interesting journey of Exit’s life. 

Exit Age

Exit was born on the 9th of April in 1989. He is 31-years-old.
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Exit Education

Exit attended his primary and secondary education in and around Oshakati with outstanding grades. 

In 2007, he moved to Windhoek to pursue his Media Arts degree at the University of Namibia. 

Exit Family

Exit was named David Shikalepo on birth, he was born in Oshakati in Namibia. He was raised by both his parents.

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Exit Career

He met Mushe at the University of Namibia where he started working on his producing skills through a studio that was located in Katutura. They became close friends and started their musical journey together.  

Exit later joined Mushe's "2-tight" Hip-Hop crew and it was through combining his skills with the group that his career peaked. They started to do collaborative work on classics such as Exitn’ Mushe and this was the duo's stage name. 

They changed their traditional sense of music and pure form of Hip Hop to create a Kwaito infused sound with a unique element which gained them a huge fan base as they brought something new in the market. 

Performing together, they were first seen at the annual Ongwediva Trade Fair in the northern town of Ongwediva. Their partnership was signed under the management of Blend Productions. weeks after they were signed they were in high demand throughout the country. 

They shared a stage with established artists such as PDK, Gazza, King Tee Dee, Killa B, Max, D-naff, Gal level, Sunny Boy, and many more. Exit and Mushe performed at Max's and PDK's CD launches and Bernie's Entertainment Park in Ongwediva. 

They combined the music video for the singles Olye ekulonga Okwiimba and Let's Get Down to Business which received major air-play on Namibia's leading television station, the Namibia Broadcasting Channel (NBC). 

Exit showed yet again his talent when they released another single Oka-styla for which they received an enormous grown in the fan base both as a group and as individuals.

In 2012, Exit and Mushe both went solo and that was the time Exit started his record label and continued to make music and released 5 albums. 

Exit wasn't done, in his interview with Namibian, he revealed that not only was his focus on music, but he had started his own record label. 

"My dream has finally come true and I now own my record label, I recently signed Neslow, Kuto and Koxa, so we are busy pushing the agenda. We will start with the 'Go Hard or Go Home' album, then we will work on getting albums out for the other guys. We are trying to push the limits."

Exit continued speaking about the power of music and he used his song 'Mookona' as an example.

“That song became so popular after the awards, and the fans loved it, it didn't need marketing or anything but it is playing everywhere. You cannot submerge a balloon because it will always come back up to the surface.”

In 2018, he released the album titled Kunta Kinte which he says was inspired by the black consciousness movement. Through this album, he wanted to convey the message that the time for black people to do great things was, now.

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Exit Controversy

Exit is a talented artist who is celebrated for his musical successes but as a parent, Magdalena Daves has given a different side to him that many were not aware of. 

Magdalena is the mother of Exit's child and shared that he isn't present in raising his child. She shared with The Villager,

“All he does is show the baby hatred. He acts like the baby is not his. I’m the only one who cares for our baby,”

Magdalena fumed adding that: 

"I don’t want to be perceived as seeking attention, that’s why I never exposed the situation. But I just want him to start playing his role as a father because it is becoming increasingly hard for me to look after our kid all by myself."

According to Magdalena, she had left the gifts she received at her baby shower at Exit’s place. When she returned to the apartment the artist told her that he had given the stuff to his other baby- mama for his other child.

“He owes my kid the stuff collected from my baby shower that he gave away to his other kid. I want them back,” said Magdalena 

Exit was contacted by V-Metro to comment on the allegations, but the artist denied the allegations and indicated there isn't any bad blood between him and Magdalena.

“I don’t have such a problem with her; I perform my duties as a father to the best of my abilities. Why is she not taking the matter to maintenance court?

5  Minutes Finesse

Exit disappointed his home country and in fact, many said he embarrassed his fans and Namibia as a whole.

This follows after he was featured and made an appearance on DJ Dreas #5MinFinesse show. The online show which was hosted by Namibian DJ Dreas on Instagram which has gained momentum in the country and it aired its third season.

The show hosted the likes of South African renowned artists Busiswa and Moonchild Sanelly since it returned back and Namibians hailed their performances which left them begging for more.

Exit opened himself up for scrutiny and fans shared their disappointment and some went as far as saying his raps weren't as good as he thinks. He only joined the show with his own motives, which was to promote new songs. 

Many went as far as saying that he is disrespectful to the culture of the show. The musician was using a lot of profanities and claimed he is the best artist in Namibia.

Namibians dragged him for saying he is the best whilst he did not even deliver an impeccable verse.

Exit Philanthropy

Exit became an ambassador for the Monica Gender Violence Solution (MGVS) organisation and a sole funder of the organization. 

MGVS also helps with the implementation of projects and activities aimed at educating communities on relevant social issues, such as human rights, as well as teaching them to refrain from criminal and violent activities.

Exit also started the Rockaz School Scouting Talent Tour which is an edutainment project that aims at helping school kids that helps kids understand the power and importance of education.

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Exit Business

Exit is the owner of the Rockaz Productions a record label that is producing records of mainstream musicians in the country mostly those who are focused on Hip Hop and Kwaito. He is also the owner of the Rockaz Clothing.
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Exit may not be a perfect man, but he is forever grateful for what he has and all it took him to get in his position where he is today as an influential artist.

“Thank you for being with me from day one and inspiring me to be the best I can be. I appreciate your loyalty and value your reliable support. Let’s do this together now and beyond”.

He is not showing any signs of decelerating in his career.

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