Die Hele Box Music Video Drops!

The Official Video Has Been Released

By  | Feb 22, 2021, 11:29 AM  | David "Exit" Shikalepo  | Top of The

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Exit Rockaz took to Twitter to let us all know that the official music video for Die Hele Box is now out. He has been promoting the release on Twitter, even quoting George Washington to aid his success.

The trio behind the album Die Hele Box paired up with Racio Media Group to create the new official music video. The video is being produced by DJ Kboz, one of the masterminds behind this album. 

Racio Media Group has also been promoting the release of this video on their Twitter page, asking fans and followers to retweet their posts. The video was released only a day ago but has managed to create quite an impact on its audience.

Ever since the release of the album, we all have been waiting for the music videos to drop and the time has finally arrived. The album created a revolutionary impact on the music industry and was an instant success. 

The album is a product of Exit, Samuel Ngodji, and DJ Kboz putting their minds together and working hard to create bangers one after the other. The album immediately stole the hearts of all fans as everyone loved each song on the album. 

Despite ups and downs, the album was a huge hit, earning the artists N $100k within 24 hours of its release. The three worked together despite their differences to make this album as successful as it is today.

They have continued to work hard and have finally released the music video for Die Hele Box. People took to social media to complement the artists. Some of the positive responses they received were:
‘Die Hele Box Music Video is Lit. Thankx guys @ExitRockaz and Samuele Ngondji’
‘You guys are living legends’
‘A good one’

Luis Munana has also been very supportive of the trio, showing that he bought the album and promoting the release of the music video on his Instagram story. The model posted pictures and videos with Samuel Ngodji and Exit, claiming that they ran into each other and spend some time catching up. 

The video has received only praise and appreciation so far and we are sure that the artists couldn’t be happier. This album has taken Exit to the top as this collaboration has elevated his talent in other artists’ eyes as they now wish to collaborate with him as well. 

He also decided to clear the air and express how he feels towards the impression people have of him. He tweeted ‘People got a wrong impression of Exit, I got famous by 19 and I’m still standing strong. What youngster won’t be wild or late for a show or a bit drunk at the time, with so much fame at the time. It’s business hours now, Let’s work!!’

Exit has proved himself to be extremely dedicated and hardworking and the success of his latest album speaks for itself. We cannot wait for the music videos of the songs to drop as well!

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