5 Times Exit Made The News

He's at the center of attention again.

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Striving for his music label, Rockaz, to be one of the best in the country, David Shikalepo, aka Exit, keeps proving he's a kwaito genius and there's none better than him.

As many would say Exit says it with his chest because he's not afraid to speak his mind, Exit is not fazed by the negativity and he keeps his head held up high. In honor of his work in the music industry,

We take a look at the five times he had everyone on social media shook.

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Exit steals from other artists?

You might remember the album that he released titled Die Hele Box which was a massive success, but what many don't know is the hard work that went into it and the people involved. 

However, according to Namibia's Hot Tea, the artists were accused of stealing the branding and not paying two guys who were the creative heads behind the Die Hele Box logo.

From Exit's end, he did claim that he would pay the artists a sum of 30k each, but sadly that did not see the light of day. This prompted the artists to drag Exit's name through the mud by calling him out on social media. 

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Exit caught holding a woman's butt?

From his beefs with artists like Gazza and King Tee Dee, Exit has also been on the not-so-great receiving end from the fans. 

He took to Instagram to share a snap of him holding an unidentified woman's butt and had everyone guessing who it might be and some pointing out that they did not expect him to be posting graphic images like those.

Some fans speculated that the woman might be Top Cheri. Was it?

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Exit and Top Cheri's relationship exposed

The rumors had been making their rounds for a while and when Top Cheri had a Q&A session on Instagram, a fan jumped on the opportunity to find out if Exit and Top Cheri were an item.

Top Cheri Instagram

Not wanting any more rumors to spread, the artist was quick to make the title of her relationship with Exit quite clear with her replies.

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Exit loses his cool 

Artists have always had to deal with the frustrations of having their music leaked before the official release date and Exit is not the first victim. Exit went on a Twitter rant to shame those that leaked his album 'Die Hele Box' on YouTube.
He exclaimed his frustrations on Twitter upon seeing YouTube channels releasing the album free of cost. He said; 

“Man. These YouTube channels that have and are uploading the whole #DieHeleBox album are a nuisance. Let's report them please. Please.’

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Exit declares he's the best in the game

Exit Rockaz proclaimed that he is pulling all the stops on his highly anticipated upcoming studio album 'The Silence', to be released on the 3rd of August 2021.

The album will not just showcase his amazing musical talent through production and vocals, but the mixing as well. Through the years, Exit’s music albums have featured numerous genres, but this will be his first hip-hop album.

In a tweet, he told his followers that he is a kwaito artist, but he isn't a kwaito artist.

With his new album coming up as well, he claimed that he will be the best hip-hop artist in the country.

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Exit is focused on being the best artist in the country and it seems he's not slowing down. Happy birthday, Exit!
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