Could Exit And Young T Be Working On A Future Collabo?

Something is definitely cooking

By  | Oct 12, 2021, 03:15 PM  | Top of the

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Word on the street is that renowned artists David "Exit" Shikalepo and Young T WokOngha are working on a new and hot collabo very soon. This is according to one of Exit's Instagram posts showing the two artists enjoying each other's company with the caption, "We Know Music, Otushishi!!"

Now, while we do not have a title of the song yet or when they will be releasing the new hit, fans have not shied away from sharing their excitement in the comments. These reactions are of course very well in order seeing that Exit and Young T cannot seem to hide their excitement either. That alone is enough for us to know that this new jam will be a banger.

Seeing that these two artists have given us little to go by in as far as their new collabo is concerned, let us have a look at what we already know. The first being that this collabo has not come as a surprise. If it has, then it is without a doubt a pleasant surprise. We know that Exit and Young T have worked together before on tracks like Mefano and Versataan. Tracks that were definitely loved by their fans, which is proof that these two rappers make an incredible team.

On an individual level, we also know that the two rappers have made news with their different albums winning the heart of many not only in Namibia but from fans all over the world. A good example is Exit's most recent album The Silence, and Die Hele Box, which was released early January this year in collaboration with Samuele Ngodji. As for Young T, he released The Re-Election (President Again) album this year with a tracklist of 19 songs that left fans in quite a frenzy. It is no doubt that the two artists continue to make hit after hit in their overall music careers.

More to that point, we know that Exit has won quite a number of awards throughout his music career, with the most recent ones being the Best Kwaito award and Best Male Artist of the Year in 2019 alone. As for Young T, he won the Best Kwaito award during the 2017 NAMA awards. This bromance clearly shows promise and we can only hope that they will not disappoint with this new collabo.

Young T has not actively mentioned anything about what both he and Exit are cooking, but knowing their previous history we can not wait to see what they have in store for us.
Will we see the two collaborate even more in the future? Well, that is a story for another day. What we know for a fact is that we do not want it to be the last time they do and that we want this friendship to remain intact in the years to come. For now, our eyes and ears are most definitely on the lookout for what the Goats have in store for us and await future collaborations. All the best you two! We are all rooting for you. 

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